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Livedrive Releases New Mobile Apps

I noticed on the Livedrive blog today that they have announced the availability of their newest version of their Android mobile app. That got me looking back a little bit and realized that they also released a new version of their iOS app back in May as well.   The big news about both theContinue Reading

Livedrive Closing Resellers

It looks like the sale of Livedrive to j2 Global, the same company that has tried to acquire Carbonite, is now having an effect on Livedrive resellers. Yesterday there was a comment that came in mentioning that DrivePop was closing down. DrivePop was a Livedrive reseller, who was actually sold to Tapnet back in SeptemberContinue Reading

j2 Global Acquires LiveDrive

I don’t hear about news from LiveDrive but when I saw this press release yesterday it caught my eye. Looks like LiveDrive has been bought out by j2 Global. This is a huge for LiveDrive users and resellers and could be interesting to see how the LiveDrive will be integrated into j2 Global. I wouldContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Top 3 Reasons Customers Choose TAPNET’s LiveDrive for Cloud Storage

It has been suggested that John and now myself have been unfair to Livedrive resellers in our assessment of their services. The opportunity to explain what makes a Livedrive reseller better than purchasing straight from Livedrive had been offered to other resellers but guests posts were never sent in. Recently however TAPNET purchased some advertisingContinue Reading

Win a Free Year of Livedrive!

Win a Free Year of Livedrive!

There is no doubt that Livedrive is a popular cloud backup and storage service with a lot of people. They are certainly one of the most popular reseller services out of all of the cloud backup companies I follow. If you are a fan of Livedrive you could be one of five lucky winners ofContinue Reading

Bulldog Backup World Backup Day Promo

If you are looking for a Livedrive discount for World Backup Day you will probably be out of luck. Looking back it looks like they have never offered anything special for World Backup Day, but if you are ok using a Livedrive reseller you can get a discount on Livedrive services. Bulldog Backup is offeringContinue Reading

Livedrive Review

Livedrive is an online backup system that offers a large array of features that is not often included with other storage systems. Livedrive provides customers with unlimited space to store all their files, photos, music, digital content, and videos, kind of like your home away from home on the internet. Your home on the internet will be safe and secure as well as there always with all the space you will ever need. You will never have to upgrade as you do in real life when you need a larger home.Continue Reading

Livedrive Resellers

The number of Livedrive resellers continues to grow. Cloud Storage Buzz lists many of them here for your information. For the most part these services offer the same features as Livedrive, but occasionally at a different price.   While this list is not complete it is important to know that if you purchase services fromContinue Reading

CloudZow is Livedrive Reseller

In my first post about CloudZow willemijns commented that CloudZow appeared that it was a Livedrive reseller. I had my doubts since usually I cannot sign up using my email address to a Livedrive reseller because I already have a Livedrive account and by using the same email address it throws a warning that IContinue Reading

CloudZow First Impressions

CloudZow First Impressions

If first impressions are important CloudZow has already proven to me that they are not really serious about online backup but are serious about being a multi level marketing scheme. I first started to hear about this new service from a number of comments that have been left here on the site. When I sayContinue Reading