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Memopal Launches New Website and Pricing

Memopal online backup has launched a new website a few days ago and along with the new website has significantly changed their pricing structure. Gone is the multiple storage account sizes replaced with a simple one size fits all plan of 500GB for ‚Ǩ79/year (roughly $90.00 USD depending on current exchange rates).   Memopal isContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Memopal Android App

With all the noise of Mozy changing their price plans at the end of January I totally missed this press release from Memopal announcing their new Android application. This Android app from Memopal looks great because it not only gives you instant access from your Android powered smartphone, but it also allows you to uploadContinue Reading

Memopal 300gb Plan Price Drop

Memopal has announced that their 300gb plan price has been decreased from $99.00/year to only $69.00/year! This is a great price drop add to that discounts available for a longer term subscription and our 15% off promotional code and you can get a great deal from Memopal!

Memopal for Mac $1 Special

Here is a great deal on Memopal if you are a Mac user. Memopal for Mac has come out of beta and their new iPad app has been released to the App Store. To celebrate Memopal is offering 500 Personal 200 GB licenses for a one year subscription for the price of $1.00!   IfContinue Reading

Memopal Offers 3gb Free Backup

Memopal has changed from a free trial to offering 3gb of free backup space. 3gb of free space is great for those that need only a small backup for their laptop or for students that just need to keep their most important files and latest projects safe. Of course Memopal is still offering 15% offContinue Reading

Switch to Memopal Promotion

Memopal has launched a new promotion to encourage users that are not happy with their current online backup service to switch to Memopal. The best part is that you can switch to Memopal and save yourself a nice 30% off of the price. There are more details available at the “Switch to Memopal” web page,Continue Reading

Memopal Review

Memopal Review

Memopal is an online backup and online storage software system that takes the guesswork out of backing up your system. All you have to do is install the software and it will backup your system automatically. The Italian group of software engineers began developing this application in December of 2007 and released it in April of 2008.Continue Reading

Restore Options

Backing up your data online is great, but what do you do when the unthinkable happens and your hard drive or computer has died and you need to get that data restored? I have talked about doing a test restore in the past and that can help you when the time comes to getting yourContinue Reading

Memopal Promotional Code

When I compiled my list of online backup companies I knew I would miss someone. Thankfully Memopal let me know I missed them and the best part is they are offering you a chance to save 15% because of my mistake.   Starting today the first 100 users that sign up to Memopal and useContinue Reading