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Sia – Decentralized Cloud Storage

Usually when you use cloud storage, your files are being stored in a centralized data center owned by the company that runs the cloud storage platform. Sia, though, has a different idea of how to store your files and make use of “millions of terabytes” of otherwise unused storage all over the world. By decentralizingContinue Reading

Robin – The “Cloud-First” Smartphone

Robin, a new Android phone from NextBit, has recently gone up for funding over at Kickstarter and is touted as “the world’s only cloud-first smartphone.” Launched just a few days ago, the original goal was to hit $500,000 within a month. With 28 days left the Kickstarter has already reached $709, 533.   NextBit explainsContinue Reading

Wuala Shutting Down and Wuala Alternatives

I never got around to actually reviewing Wuala and now it looks like there really is no need, since they have announced that they will be shutting down. Effective immediately Wuala will no longer be accepting any renewals or purchase of storage. By the end of September the service will be put into read onlyContinue Reading

Cyphertite Closing

Cloud backup is a competitive industry and it appears that Cyphertite is the latest to decide it needs to close down. The email from Cyphertite mentions that they have not been able to generate enough revenue to keep the doors open. At least they are giving users two months notice before closing so users canContinue Reading

Portal by Pushbullet

Getting files on to mobile devices and tablets can sometimes be more difficult than it should be. Depending on your chosen mobile or tablet device you might have to connect the device to your computer or just download the content from the respective app store, but what if you want to copy over those latestContinue Reading

MegaBackup is MegaBad!

MegaBackup is MegaBad!

First off the company MegaBackup has absolutely NOTHING to do with MEGA the cloud storage company, they share the first four letters of the alphabet in their name and that is where the similarity ends. I first heard of MegaBackup from a press release that was sent out on April 15 through PRWeb. I occasionallyContinue ReadingContinue Reading

World Backup Day 2015

Happy World Backup Day! This is one of my favorite days of the year because it helps draw attention to the fact that people need to remember to not only backup their computers, smartphones and tablets but that they should also check their backups and make sure that they know how to restore their dataContinue Reading