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When it comes to all the free and upgrade-able cloud storage plans out there, it can be difficult to settle on one. In fact I’d wager most people have used multiple storage options at once, even if just to test out how different services work. To help make things a bit easier, I’m going toContinue Reading Now Accepting Bitcoin

There are not a lot of cloud storage and backup services that accept Bitcoin as payment, in fact the last time I wrote about what services accepted Bitcoin I was only able to find 5 services that did and that did not include the fact that we sell Backblaze prepaid codes for Bitcoin. Well IContinue ReadingContinue Reading – Brief Beta Review – Brief Beta Review

Just heard about a Canadian company the other day called They are still in private beta BUT you can sign up and give them a try. I was surprised I had not heard about them yet considering they have been around since 2011 but I guess they have only been sending invites out toContinue Reading