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Most Affordable Cloud Storage Options for Android

If you’re the kind of person who needs their documents on-the-go or takes a lot of pictures from your phone, mobile-friendly cloud storage is very important. But sometimes it can be expensive! So today I’m going to outline some of the more affordable cloud storage options for you Android users out there.   Dropbox DropboxContinue Reading

Cloud-based Comics Readers

If you travel a lot it can be tough to keep up with all the news issues of your favorite comic series. And as time goes on, more and more people want to digitize their comics collection. With a cloud-based comics reader app you can read all your comics while on the go, even yourContinue Reading

How the Cloud Can Help Your Podcast

I spend a lot of time listening to and working on podcasts. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. It can be pretty difficult to know where to start and what tools to use, though. Without cloud storage and backup services, podcasting would be even more difficult! Here’s some ways to use cloud technologies to getContinue Reading

4 Services to Transfer Files Between Cloud Storage Systems

At some point you may find yourself needing to transfer files between different cloud storage providers. There’s many reasons this might be: you’ve run out of space on one provider and need to move some files or maybe you just want to switch to another provider entirely. Moving your files from one provider to anotherContinue Reading

Backing Up Bookmarks in Internet Explorer

Windows 10 is going to be shuttling in a new Microsoft experience for Windows users – and that includes those of you who use Internet Explorer. The future for the much-maligned browser is not entirely clear but Microsoft has revealed that they are working on a new browser for Windows 10. It’s best to backContinue Reading

Backing Up Bookmarks in Safari

If you use a Mac, you have probably used Safari at some point and might even be using it now. If you want to make backups of your Safari bookmarks, you have a few more steps to go through than some other internet browsers, but it’s easy enough if you know where to go.  Continue Reading

Dropbox File Requests

While it might seem that everyone has a Dropbox account, that is not actually true and sometimes you need to collect files from people who do not have a Dropbox account or for a specific reason. Email has its limits and collecting larger files from many different people can be a nightmare with files occasionallyContinue Reading

Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Backup

Cloud storage and cloud backup are two different types of services, that are often confused with each other and they are really two different tools for different jobs. Part of the confusion comes from the fact that some cloud backup services, like IDrive, SpiderOak, SugarSync and even Carbonite, offer cloud storage as well as cloudContinue Reading

Backing Up Bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

Continuing on in my bookmarks backup series, this week I’m covering how to create backups of your bookmarks in Firefox. Luckily it is a very straightforward process and Firefox does some of the work for you. It automatically makes backups of your bookmarks and you can restore from any of the past 10 backups itContinue Reading

Backing Up Bookmarks in Google Chrome

If you work with computers, you probably have a whole slew of bookmarks saved up. It would be pretty terrible to lose them all – I certainly know my work would take a huge hit if I lost all my resources and client-related links. Keeping your bookmarks backed up or synced in some way isContinue Reading