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Top Dropbox Alternatives for 2017

It has been awhile since I have written a post about alternatives to Dropbox so I thought it might be a good time to take another look at the competition that has heated up around cloud storage. Looking back through the archives there was a post in 2011 looking at a few of the alternativesContinue Reading

Backing Up Game Files with GameSave Manager

It can be heart-wrenching to lose your game saves. Hundreds of hours lost to the ether! And since games use a variety of different file paths to save your progress, it can be difficult and tedious to track down all of your save files so you can back them up. GameSave Manager deals with bothContinue Reading

How To NSA Proof Your Cloud Storage and Backup

If you dislike the idea of the possibility that some government agency, like the NSA or any of the Five Eyes snooping on the data you save in the cloud or even just to keep your data safe from any number of hackers and malware out there then there are steps you can take toContinue Reading

Backup Rule of Three or the Backup 3-2-1 Rule

I find it surprising that Cloud Storage Buzz, has been online in some form since January 2009, and somehow we have never talked about the computer backup rule of three. I don’t know why we never talked about it, perhaps because we always just assumed that people know these things, but we all know aboutContinue Reading

9 More Cloud Storage Managers

When the original post 10 Cloud Storage Managers was written back in 2013 there were only those 10 cloud storage managers around. Since then the market has grown considerably and now not only have desktop cloud storage managers but you also have dedicated cloud storage managers just for your Andoid or iOS device. Here isContinue Reading

10 Cloud Website Backup Services

In my day job I spend a lot of hours working on websites for clients of all sizes, on web hosts of all kinds from shared hosting accounts on services like Hostgator and WP Engine to RackSpace cloud servers to dedicated servers hosted at various data centers around the world. The one thing I haveContinue Reading

The Fappening, The Snappening and 5 Tips to Stay Safe in the Cloud

There has been a lot of news since the end of August about all of the leaked celebrity photos, often called the fappening, and most recently the news of a huge collection of photos leaked from Snapchat, often called the snappening. It is particularly worrisome that these events have occurred, not only from the perspectiveContinue Reading

Android and iOS Cloud Storage Managers

There is an app for everything these days and that goes for cloud storage as well. While the majority of cloud storage services have their own apps if you use multiple cloud storage services it can be a great idea to manage all of your cloud storage with one app. Depending on what cloud storageContinue Reading

5 Ubuntu One Alternatives

If you are a Ubuntu One user you have probably heard by now that is is closing down all files services effective June 1, 2014 with data being deleted by July 31, 2014. If you are still looking for an alternative to Ubuntu One here are some options to consider. Google Drive – With GoogleContinue Reading

How to Use Google Drive as a Dirt Cheap Backup Solution

 When Google Drive dropped the prices for their cloud storage it is has become an excellent option to store your online backup. Google Drive might not be as cheap as using a service such as Amazon Glacier, but it has several advantages over Amazon Glacier that makes it worth looking at. First, Google Drive storage pricing is easy to understand. No complicated formula needed to figure outContinue Reading