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  • Understanding the Advantages of StorageCraft

    Understanding the Advantages of StorageCraft

    With so much information and so many ways to lose critical data, investing in a data protection program is a wise choice. Losing important information can result in reduced sales, fines, financial losses, and/or halted productivity.Additionally, data protection systems can include information management, helping you to become more profitable as a business. StorageCraft is one […]

  • Netflix as Blockbuster: If Virtual Stores Were Brick and Mortar

    It’s the middle of the night and inspiration strikes: You need a new pair of jeans, shoes, a better bike helmet, and a great book. What do you do?   If you’re like most people (244 million of them, to be exact), you hop online and head to Amazon, add some stuff to your cart, […]

  • 9 Cloud-based Apps to Increase Your Productivity

    As we all know, cloud storage and cloud backups are great ways to keep all your files and information easy-at-hand and also secure. Google Drive, Dropbox, and other storage services are integral parts to many people’s daily work flow. But when you combine ever smarter smart phones and cloud systems, you can really get stuff […]

  • RapidShare Closing Down March 31st, 2023

    RapidShare, a file-sharing service based in Switzerland has decided to close effective March 31, 2023. Started in 2002 RapidShare has long been a destination for hosting files on the Internet but not always to the pleasure of the copyright industry. The company has been trying to rebrand itself as a cloud storage site but it […]

  • Merry Christmas!

    I wanted to take a few minutes and say Merry Christmas! I will be taking a few days off here after this afternoon and spending some quality time with my family and some extended family. It has been an exciting and interesting year covering the online backup and storage industry and I am looking forward […]

  • Drobo Promotional Code

    I post a lot about online backup but I don’t talk enough about local backup. Sure I mention it occasionally but perhaps I should talk about it more. Online backup is great, but a local backup of your data is always faster to restore from and faster to backup to. Everyone should have a local […]

  • Welcome to Online Backup Deals

    Backing up your computer is one of those tasks that has become a great deal easier with the emergence of online backup. Making the right choice for your online backup needs can be a hard decision, there are a number of services available and they all seem to offer similar products. How do you choose […]