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SOS Online Backup Announces Universal Backup, Recovery and Files Access for Android Devices, PCs, and Macs

SOS Online Backup is a leader in online backup for a reason and they are one of the few online backup services that have mobile apps that actually backup data from the mobile instead of just offer access to you backed up data. If you have an Android powered mobile you might want to look into SOS Online Backu&#112 to backup both your computer and your mobile. Having it all in one place makes it easier for you to manage your data.


You can read more about this latest offering from SOS Online Backu&#112 in the complete news release that is included below for your information.

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SOS Online Backu&#112 Announces Universal Backup, Recovery and Files Access for Android Devices, PCs, and Macs

SOS Online Backu&#112’s 15GB Android + PC Backup Application Secures Android Apps, SD Card Data, and Includes Award-Winning Desktop Backup Software for PCs and Macs

EL SEGUNDO, CA–(Marketwire – Mar 6, 2012) – SOS Online Backu&#112 today announced the launch of its Android backup application, which provides 15GB of secure online backup for Android applications and SD card. The award-winning provider of cloud-based services is offering this application with 15GB of secure online storage and includes backup and recovery software for PCs, Macs and Facebook accounts. SOS’s Android backup and recovery application offers multi-device backup, recovery, and access to your 15GB SOS Online Backu&#112 account for just $3.95.

“A lot of backup companies talk about having Android apps, but they are pretty misleading: they talk about backup, but these applications aren’t actually providing the function of backup. With SOS for Android, not only can you backup your Android data to the cloud, but you can access data in the cloud that you’ve put there using SOS for PC, iPhone, iPad or Mac. We’re truly the only backup service that backs up all your devices, and gives you access to your data on all your devices,” said Ken Shaw, CEO and founder of SOS Online Backu&#112. “Dropbox recently got all sorts of press for allowing you push photos from your Android to the cloud — which is pretty trivial. How about letting you backup your entire Android device to the cloud? As well as backing up your entire PC, or your entire Mac, and even your Facebook account? That’s what SOS does — and that’s our mission: help you protect¬†all¬†your data — no matter¬†where¬†it sits. We don’t just deal with slivers of data or single folders like the other guys do. We tackle the¬†truly¬†difficult problem of getting¬†all¬†your data to the cloud.”

Data loss is an issue that regularly affects mobile devices. Since laptops, Android phones, and Android tablets are constantly moving around with their users, they have a larger number of opportunities to be damaged, lost or stolen. Securing data in the cloud is a must-have for any user that prizes photos, videos, private files, and digitally stored memories.

The SOS 15GB Android + PC Backup app includes the ability to backup apps, photos, videos, audio files, and any files created by apps. All data is encrypted on the device, in transit to the cloud, and in the data center. Once the app has been installed, click “PC Backup” in the menu at any point and an email with access to the downloadable file will be sent to the email address associated with the SOS account. As with all SOS Online Backu&#112 plans, this account will backup up to five computers and devices.

Key features of SOS Online Backu&#112’s 15GB Android + PC Backup application include:

  • Android application backup¬†– Application files stored on the Android phone can be backed up with the push of a button. They can be downloaded and restored from the SOS cloud onto a different Android device, or the same device, simply with the use of the SOS 15GB Android + PC Backup application.
  • Secure online backup¬†– The 15GB Android + PC Backup app encrypts data locally, in transit, and at rest in the data center. Data is protected in two of SOS Online Backu&#112’s 11 military-grade data centers.
  • Mobile file access and sharing¬†- All data, regardless of file type, in the SOS account is available to be viewed, downloaded and shared with the SOS 15GB Android + PC Backup application. Likewise, all backed up Android data is available in the SOS cloud to be viewed and downloaded onto a PC or Mac desktop.
  • Android SD card backup¬†- Non-application files stored on the SD card are available to be backed up to the SOS cloud. They can be selected by file folder or one by one. These files can be sorted by name, size, date and file type.
  • View, access, download, and share¬†– The “My Cloud” area of the app allows users to view, by device, all data that is backed up to the SOS cloud. Data stored in the cloud can be sorted by name, size, date and type for easy location.

Pricing and Availability:
Available now, SOS Online Backu&#112’s 15GB Android + PC Backup application can be purchased in the Android Market for $3.95 through March 12th. This application comes with 15GB of secure cloud storage space. This space can be used for data backed up from up to five devices; including Facebook, PC, Mac, and external hard drives. Future updates to the app will include: scheduled backups and unlimited file selection. These updates will be available to those who purchase the current 15GB Android + PC Backup app.

About SOS Online Backu&#112
15GB Android + PC Backup is the all-in-one secure online backup solution from SOS Online Backu&#112. SOS Online Backu&#112 has been a technology leader in secure online backup since 2006. Recommended by leading publications, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, SOS Online Backu&#112 is a four-time recipient of PC Magazine’s coveted Editor’s Choice Award. To learn more about SOS Online Backu&#112 solutions, please visit¬†

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