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SOS Online Backup Announces Unlimited Plans

SOS Online Backup Unlimited

Update: Looks like SOS is doing some interesting things with redirects. I have adjusted the link leading to them to lead to the new plans instead of the home page where you might get the old plans. Hope that helps.


SOS Online Backup, a long time leader in cloud backup and storage, has announced new unlimited plans on their website. The new plans feature unlimited storage, a large change from their previous plans, and new pricing that is comparable with many of their cloud backup competitors.

There is a new personal plan starting at $59.99/year and a new family plan good to backup up to five Windows or Mac computers starting at $249.99/year. Along with desktop backup SOS Online Backup also features a strong mobile backup options for Android and a manual backup option for iOS.

SOS Online Backup Pricing

This change from SOS Online Backup makes them much more competitive in the cloud backup industry and their other features of having 11 data centers, true archival features, support for external hard drives, and NAS support if going to make SOS Online Backup a leader for home cloud backup.

I will update the SOS Online Backup Review page as soon as I can with the new pricing and plans. It is also probably time for a new review that I will hope to do soon.

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