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SOS Online Backup for Business June Special

Save Money this Month on SOS Online Backup for Business. Image found at have slowly been working on adding more online backup for business reviews but I have not had a chance to fully review the SOS Online Backup for Business, although it is not much different than the consumer version. I did not want to let not having a full review stop me from letting businesses knowing about this latest offering from SOS Online Backup, since it is a great offer considering how expensive online backup for business can get, especially if you need a large amount of storage.

SOS Online Backup is offering a fantastic deal for business online backup, 1TB of storage for only $59.95/month or $599.50/year. That is 55% off of the regular price of $133.99/month or $1599.99/year.


This great offer on SOS Online Backup for Business ends at the end of June so if you need online backup for your business you can’t go wrong with PC Mag Editors Choice for online backup.

Click here to get 1 TB of Backup for $59.95/Month

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