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Edward Snowden Again Recommends SpiderOak

Edward Snowden Interview

SpiderOak continues to get high praise from Edward Snowden in a recent interview he did for the New Yorker Festival. According to the TechCrunch article on the interview he stated:


He added that on an individual level, people should seek out encrypted tools and stop using services that are “hostile to privacy.” For one thing, he said you should “get rid of Dropbox,” because it doesn’t support encryption, and you should consider alternatives like SpiderOak.

SpiderOak must be loving the high praise from Edward Snowden and the added exposure from the ex-NSA contractor whose leaked documents on the NSA and their programs has been a major news source for over a year.

Dropbox on the other hand has been slammed again by Edward Snowden and while Dropbox has regularly stated they do their best to protect users privacy, Dropbox seems to be missing the point. They do not encrypt users files on the server and Dropbox employees can, even with some safeguards in place, can see Dropbox users files.

Being highlighted by Edward Snowden is not always a good thing for services. Certainly Lavabit paid a high price for being used by Edward Snowden when the US Government came knocking. SpiderOak is a little different though since SpiderOak does not have the encryption keys to the data at all and only users have the keys to decrypt their files.

It would be interesting to know what Edward Snowden thinks of other zero-knowledge cloud storage services like and Tresorit.

If you are interested in watching the whole Edward Snowden interview you can watch it below.

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2 Responses to Edward Snowden Again Recommends SpiderOak

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve said this before on a different post, but apparently my comment was never approved.

    While SpiderOak is certainly better than Dropbox, as long as they don’t open source their software all their promises are in my opinion nothing but hot air. There is no way to verify that they do indeed encrypt the customers’ data before the upload — zero knowledge indeed…

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