SpiderOak Back to School Special!

SpiderOak is offering students, staff and faculty of schools a great deal to make sure they never lose that copy of their latest term paper lab assignments and other important information that they store on their desktop and laptop computers. SpiderOak is offering a 50% off discount, so you can backup, store and sync all your data. All you need is a valid .edu email address. This is an excellent offer and places SpiderOak in a similar price range as Mozy. Even better if you do have multiple desktop and laptops to backup and sync.


The complete news release is available below.

If you would like to know more about SpiderOak and some of its features? Be sure to read our SpiderOak review for more details of the SpiderOak online backup service.

Start Backing up with SpiderOak

Back-to-School Data Protection Just Got Better at SpiderOak

August 25, 2009

$5/Month to Backup PLUS Sync, Share & Remotely Access Your Files Online

Secure & Completely Automated Cloud Storage

Why risk losing the papers you worked so hard on, the research that took all
semester, and the pictures from last weekend’s party? Imagine accessing those
papers or pictures from any computer – on or off campus, sharing notes with
your study group, or photos with friends or family. Or perhaps you want to sync
these items between multiple computers? With SpiderOak’s new 50% educational
discount, all of this is possible for only $5/month.

The discount will remain open to all students, faculty and school employees
with a valid .edu email address. Just go to
https://spideroak.com/download to sign up.

While some schools provide backup space on a central server, usually the
space is limited and only accommodates a few papers. Alternatively, SpiderOak
offers limitless space and automated backup for all file types while including
sync, share and remote access capabilities. SpiderOak operates across all
platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux) and accepts any number of devices into a single
account – serving as a true central storage repository.

Backups occur immediately after editing a paper or adding pictures, songs,
or videos to your computer. SpiderOak also retains all historical versions of a
file in case you accidentally save over a previous version. Restoring or
downloading your documents or pictures is fast and easy – simply select the
folders you want and click ‘download’ from within the application or through
the web client.

Standard SpiderOak pricing is free for the first 2 GB, $10/month from 2 to
100 GB, and $10/month for each additional 100 GB increment for an unlimited
number of devices. All data is protected by “zero-knowledge” encryption that
prevents even SpiderOak employees from viewing user information, including file
and folder names.

About SpiderOak

SpiderOak provides innovative cloud-based personal data management services
that simplify the process of backing up, accessing, organizing, sharing and
synchronizing data from any number of computers or external storage media. The
company’s solution suite protects users against data loss, permits
browser-based access to information from the user’s personal computing devices
from any Internet-enabled computer, ensures common file availability across
multiple user machines with automatic sync’ing, offers password-protected
‘ShareRooms’ for easy family/friend/colleague access, and provides a variety of
technical advantages for efficient and cost-effective data management. For more
information, visit https://spideroak.com/.






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