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SpiderOak Reveals New Pricing and Plans

There has been a rumor for awhile that SpiderOak was going to be introducing new pricing and plans in the new year. That rumor has become a reality them introducing the new plans on January 28th, 2015. It can always be a difficult thing to introduce changes to pricing and plans for cloud backup and storage companies. Some companies, like Mozy and Bitcasa, just totally miss the boat on what they should be doing and then there are others like Dropbox that has learned to introduce new pricing plans by offering more to users instead of asking for more money and cutting back service. Thankfully SpiderOak falls into the same category as Dropbox in their new pricing and plans by offering more for less.


Here is a handy breakdown of the new plans and prices versus the old plans and prices.
SpiderOak New Pricing

Thankfully SpiderOak has kept the 2GB free plan. It is a great plan for anyone that just needs a little bit of space to keep their very important documents safe in the cloud safely encrypted. The new 30GB plan is only $7.00/month and is a welcome addition to those that just need some extra storage but do not need the full 1TB plan.

The new 1TB plan is a welcome change from the old $10/100GB plan that it is replacing. It offers users more space at a much more economical price. It is slightly more expensive than some of SpiderOak’s competitors but that slight increase in price is a small price to pay for the added security of SpiderOak and their zero-knowledge service. For those with even larger needs SpiderOak now offers a 5TB plan as well.

It is great to see SpiderOak revamp their plans and pricing in a way that makes their service more affordable for both new and existing users. Existing users can switch to the new plans and take advantage of the new pricing or stay on their old (though I don’t know why you would).

If you would like to know more about SpiderOak and some of its features? Be sure to read our SpiderOak review for more details of the SpiderOak online backup service.

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2 Responses to SpiderOak Reveals New Pricing and Plans

  1. Dave says:

    This is article is incorrect. According to the SpiderOak website they have now dropped the free plan. It’s a 60 day trial only.

    See the bottom of this page:

    • Correct they have removed the free plan but it did not happen when this post was written. The image above was a screenshot when they initially changed their plans and they still offered a free plan.

      At some point after that they have decided to remove the free plan. Unfortunately they have not exactly been very good communicators with their users (which I am one) or their affiliates (which I am also one) about their removal of the free plan to a trial. They never sent out any kind of announcement to tell us to update the promotional material about them. In fact the only information I have had from their affiliate marketing channel was the announcement that they no longer pay for sales, and all previous sales that they still owed will not be paid and all new leads would only pay 0.05/signup.

      The TL:DR version is I am not particularly pleased with their new marketing team over at SpiderOak.

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