SpiderOak Unlimited Plans Coming!

SpiderOak Unlimited Offering World Backup Day

SpiderOak has always been a good supporter of World Backup Day from the very beginning but it looks like they are taking it up to another level this year. Following SpiderOak on Google+ they had this very interesting post


You asked, we listened. Later this week we will be offering Unlimited plans for $125/yr in honor of #WorldBackupDay. Keep an eye out!?

Now that itself is interesting since SpiderOak is one of the more expensive cloud backup and storage companies out there at $10.00/month/100GB or $100.00/year/100GB. An offer to get unlimited storage from SpiderOak at only $125.00/year is an excellent opportunity since they offer unlimited devices, backup, sync and sharing. In fact at $125.00 SpiderOak clearly will lead the pack for multiple computer installs that CrashPlan is often the leader in.

Most services offer great deals like this to encourage new users to signup and the price is only for the first year. Following the conversation though one sees that this World Backup Day offer will be available to not only new users but also current users that want to upgrade and it looks like the pricing will be PERMANENT.

Well you can still get it too! What will happen was if you upgrade, you get unlimited storage and while you won’t get a refund, next year, and every year after that, you will only be charged the $125

While all the official details of this offer have not been made available from SpiderOak, if this offer is good for unlimited storage at $125.00 for more than the first year this is an offer you do not want to miss! I will be sure to post links and all the details as soon as they become available.

If you would like to know more about SpiderOak and some of its features? Be sure to read our SpiderOak review for more details of the SpiderOak online backup service.

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  1. Nathan Avatar

    Yeah, I’m pretty excited about this, because are pretty much the leader when it comes to security around backup/sync data as well.

    I just signed up for a trial yesterday and so far it’s looking like a great service. No Windows Phone or Windows 8 apps though :(

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