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  • Free: 1 User, 2GB of storage.
  • Pay as You Go: $2.00 / month. 1 User, 30GB of storage. Extra users $1.00 / month. $0.05/mo per an extra GB


  • Organized web interface and realtime progress bar and stats.
  • Monthly subscriptions avaialable. Also offer a basic free account.
  • Backup seems quick. Can setup automatic backup.
  • Lots of plans to choose from to suit your needs. Easy to change plans and cancel.
  • Backups up Google+ photos.
  • iOS and Android apps are available.
  • Can export data to another Google account.


  • Mobile apps missing restore option.
  • Not able to download or export data to your computer.

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Full Spinbackup Review

Spinbackup 1If you rely on Google for much of your daily online life, like GMail, Calendar, Drive, and even Google+ Photos then you realize how important that information is. What would you do if suddenly you no longer had access to your GMail account, your documents on Drive or even worse your photos that have been uploaded to Google+ Photos. I know much of my daily online routine is centered on Google and if my Google account was suddenly lost or compromised I would probably be lost without my account and the information in it.

Just as it is important to backup your computers that you use everyday you also need to remember to backup your Google account and Spinbackup does just that. There are several cloud based backup services that specialize in just backing up data from Google but Spinbackup is the only service I know of that actually backs up GMail, Calendar, Drive, Contacts, Tasks and Google+ Photos. Signing up is easy you just need to visit their website and click the sign up button. You have several plans to choose from starting with a free plan for one user up to a business plan for $10.00/month for backup of up to four users.

Backing Up
Once you are signed up you will see the web administration panel. From here you can control how your Google account data is backed up to Spinbackup. The web administration panel makes it easy to manually backup the information in each of the Google services or you can set them up to automatically backup on the schedule that you choose. Depending on what you use most of Google’s services you might want to not backup all of the services on the same schedule and you can easily set that up.

Once you have run a backup you can also restore your data from the web administration panel. For example if you have deleted that important email from a client you can find it in your Google Mail folder in the web adminstration select it and click on the restore button. That email you thought you lost and had trashed will be magically returned to your GMail. You can also restore more than one or two emails or items at a time. The one thing I thought would be nice to have is the ability to actually download the items to your local computer. Perhaps that will be something Spinbackup will look at adding in the future. You can export to another Google account though so that is always a possibility.

Mobile App
They offer a mobile app to manage your Google account backup. You need to set an extra password on the Spinbackup site to set this up, but once you set that password you can login to the mobile app and manage your Spinbackup backup setting easily from your mobile. There are some limits, like you cannot setup a backup from the mobile app, but once you have it setup on the website you can manage it from the app. It would be great if you could restore files from the mobile app and perhaps that will be in future plans.

Spinbackup looks like a great choice for personal and business backup of Google accounts of all sizes. The many different plans makes it easy to get the size of account you need and the web interface is easy enough to use that users can start backing up their Google accounts easily. Restoring is easy enought, but it would be nice to see an export feature to be able to download the data right to your computer in the event you cannot restore to your Google account. If you use Google and rely on them, Spinbackup does a good job of making sure that data is safe and available in the event you lose your Google data.

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