SugarSync Desktop App Major Update

SugarSync Desktop App Major Update

I noticed on the SugarSync blog a little while ago that they have recently released a major update to their desktop application.


The short list of updates to SugarSync 3.5 new desktop app include:

  • File Transfer Status: This new feature lives in your system tray or menu bar and shows you which files are in the upload/download queue.
  • Search for Files and Folders: The new “Search” tab enables you to quickly locate your SugarSync files and folders—everything is conveniently accessible, and you no longer have to worry about remembering where your files and folders are.
  • Universal File Management: The new universal file manager streamlines organization and makes things simple. New capabilities include drag-and-drop uploads, along with copy, move, and paste commands that give you full control.
  • Deleted Items Recovery: Accidental deletions happen, but now we’ve made recovering those deletions easier by allowing you do restore and recover those files right within the desktop app. You can also search your deleted items or sort by “Date Deleted” to quickly find a particular deleted item.

I have been meaning to redo the review for SugarSync and will be trying in the next little while to try this new version out.

If you have used the new SugarSync what are your impressions of it?

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