SugarSync Ends Free Accounts & Alternatives

If you have not heard yet SugarSync is no longer offering free accounts. Previously they offered 5GB of free storage but free accounts will close on February 8, 2014. If you currently have a free account with SugarSync you will either have to purchase a paid account or move your data off of SugarSync. You can read more about this SugarSync transition on their website.


If you are a SugarSync free user here are some free alternatives for you to explore. None of these are perfect replacements for the features of SugarSync but if you want to stick with free you do have options. If you have fallen in love with SugarSync you will want to upgrade to their paid plans.

Dropbox – Dropbox gives you 2GB of free space and syncs files between Windows, Mac, Linux with easy access and sync on Android and iOS.

Google Drive – 25GB of free space with Google Drive goes a long way. The Google Drive client is only available on Windows and Mac, but there is also Insync if you want Linux support. It costs a little extra but I actually prefer the Insync client over the free Google Drive client on the desktop. Google Drive is also available on Android and iOS so you can easily keep the files you want on your mobiles.

BitTorrent Sync – You can easily create your own cloud using BitTorrent Sync. With clients for Windows, Mac and Linux desktops and Android and iOS you can sync files between all of your devices. Lots of control over what syncs and what doesn’t.

Bitcasa – Even with their recent price changes they kept a free tier. You can get 5GB free with a referral plan for up to 20GB free. They have Windows and Mac desktop clients and Android and iOS apps. Not exactly the same as SugarSync but is a decent option if you want to move files from the desktop to your mobile.

SpiderOak – Gives you 2GB of storage for free with strong encryption. You can easily sync files between Windows, Mac, and Linux. The mobiles apps do not sync but offer access.

Mozy – They have always had a 2GB free option for backing up and now syncing. Clients are available for Windows and Mac desktop and Android and iOS mobile systems.

OpenDrive – 5GB free and desktop clients for Windows and Mac. Limits of 100MB file size and speed is throttled to 200 KB/s for free users. – 15GB of free storage and sync between desktops with clients for Windows, Mac and Linux. They also have mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile so you can access files and upload photos and other files.

This is not an exhaustive list but is a good start if you want to stay free.

It will be interesting to see if 2014 will be the year where we see more services discontinuing free options.

Want to know more about SugarSync? Read our SugarSync review for more information.

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