SugarSync Updates Desktop App and Adds Remote Wipe


SugarSync announced on their blog yesterday that they updated their desktop application to restore any file or folder from the “Deleted Items” to its original location. You can also choose to restore files and folders to a different location. Then today they announced that they have also added the ability to remotely wipe your computer in the event that it is stolen.

The new remote wipe is available for all paid users of SugarSync that are running the latest version of the desktop app. No word on if this feature is going to be added to the mobile apps, but it would be a nice added feature. I am sure many more people lose or have their smartphones and tablets stolen more than laptops and their desktops.

While the remote wipe feature is a great added bonus to SugarSync users, it would be even better if they started to allow for private encryption keys and some added security around the files that are stored on their servers.

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