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Thanks to Jon’s comment I have heard that another Livedrive reseller,, has closed down! They are just the latest Livedrive reseller to close down after the Backify disaster last fall. had a similar business model of offering 512GB free accounts as Backify. Perhaps this shows that offering huge amounts of storage for freeContinue Reading

Backblaze Welcomes Backify Customers

Backblaze Welcomes Backify Customers

While the drama between Backify and Livedrive seems to have ended with Backify finally closing its doors there is some good news to come out of all of this. Backblaze has come to the rescue of Backify users with a great offer. This is a great chance to save 10% on your initial purchase ofContinue Reading

Advisory Notice from Livedrive Regarding

Advisory Notice from Livedrive Regarding

Got an interesting email this morning from Livedrive regarding one of their now former resellers, Backify. Backify made a splash roughly a month ago when they opened the doors and offered users 512GB of space for free. They promptly ended that promotion stating in another press release that they had 50,000 users signup. At thatContinue Reading

Backify To Stop Offering Free Accounts

    In a move that is really not a surprise to anyone I am sure, Backify is already going to stop offering free 512GB accounts. It only took them 4 days since their launch to announce they are closing off new 512GB accounts. The good news is if you are one of the 50,000Continue Reading

Livedrive Resellers Besides Backify

    Yesterday I mentioned that a new Livedrive reseller started up called Backify. They are offering a 512GB free account and have gotten some press because of it.   I had a few minutes today to do a Google search or two and added to the Livedrive resellers list on the Livedrive review page.Continue Reading

Free Online Backup Service “Backify” Launched

    Update People interesting in Backify should read the follow two posts as well:   Backify To Stop Offering Free Accounts Livedrive Resellers Besides Backify Yesterday a new online backup service called Backify launched. While I saw the news release and some of the splash that was trying to be created I chose notContinue Reading