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Lifehacker Five Best Online Backup Services

Lifehacker over the weekend had a Hive Five call for the best online backup service. The top five services that were nominated were: Bitcasa, Backblaze, Carbonite, CrashPlan and SpiderOak. Now that the voting is all done here are the results of the best online backup service according to Lifehacker and their readers. CrashPlan 50.58% (2,038Continue Reading

Best 5 Mac Online Backup for 2011

Macs are not invincible and are prone to some of the same failings of all computers. Hard drives die, it is a fact of life, so you need to be prepared. Online backup is a great way to keep your files safe and available for when the time comes and your hard drive meets itsContinue Reading

Backblaze VS Carbonite VS IDrive

A quick comparison of the unlimited online backup plans offered by Backblaze, Carbonite and IDrive.     FEATUREBlackblazeCarboniteIDrivePrice$50.00/year$54.95/year$49.50Free Trial15 Days15 Days15 DaysStorageUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedNumber of Computers111Operating SystemWindows, MacWindows, MacWindowsExternal Drives DVD or USB Drive Restore Bandwidth Throttle None 0 – 35GB at 2 mbps. 35GB – 200GB 512 kbps.200GB+ at 100 kbps No limits up to 150 GB.Bandwidth usage drops toContinue Reading