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Mozy Stash vs. Dropbox

Mozy Stash vs. Dropbox

I have posted a Mozy Stash review, but thought one of the questions everyone is going to wonder is how Mozy Stash compares to Dropbox so here is a Stash versus Dropbox comparison for those wanting to know how Stash stacks up. Operating System Support One of the great things about Dropbox is the abilityContinue Reading

Backblaze vs. Carbonite

Backblaze and Carbonite are two of the easiest online backup services you can use at the moment and are two of our more popular services that we have reviewed. In many ways the services are similar but they are very different in how they perform their backups.   Backblaze takes the approach to backup everythingContinue Reading

Dropbox vs. GDrive

Dropbox with 25 million plus users could soon have another serious contender in the online storage industry and what a competitor, Google. It appears that the mysterious Google GDrive could soon be a reality and it will be offering many of the same functions as Dropbox.   Dropbox GDrive * Operating System Windows, Mac& LinuxContinue Reading

Backblaze VS Carbonite VS IDrive

A quick comparison of the unlimited online backup plans offered by Backblaze, Carbonite and IDrive.    FEATUREBlackblazeCarboniteIDrivePrice$50.00/year$54.95/year$49.50Free Trial15 Days15 Days15 DaysStorageUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedNumber of Computers111Operating SystemWindows, MacWindows, MacWindowsExternal Drives DVD or USB Drive Restore Bandwidth Throttle None 0 – 35GB at 2 mbps. 35GB – 200GB 512 kbps.200GB+ at 100 kbps No limits up to 150 GB.Bandwidth usage drops to 200Continue Reading