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IDrive: How To Safely Store And Back-Up All Your Data

IDrive: How To Safely Store And Back-Up All Your Data

Ever since their inception, cloud storage and backup have become very popular, particularly in the modern market where new cloud storage offers are launched almost every other month. Finding cloud backup services should not be a daunting task. However, distinguishing the best offers from the rest can be a real challenge if you do notContinue Reading

NSA PRISM Responses

The revelations over the last few days of the extent of the United States National Security Agencies PRISM program might have many people thinking hard about who it is safe to keep your data with in the cloud. Since it appears many services have been named as working with the NSA on data collection includingContinue Reading

Backblaze VS Carbonite VS IDrive

A quick comparison of the unlimited online backup plans offered by Backblaze, Carbonite and IDrive.   Feature Backblaze Carbonite IDrive Price $50.00/year $54.95/year $49.50 Free Trial 15 Days 15 Days 30 Days Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited # of Computers 1 1 1 OS Windows, Mac Windows, Mac Windows External Drives DVD or USB Drive RestoreContinue Reading