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4 Ways to Backup Social Media

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Social media networks are an ever increasing presence in our lives. According to the Pew Research Center, 71% of internet-using adults use Facebook. We put our opinions, photos, and important life events up for display on social networks so it makes sense that people are interested in creating backups of all that data. Since social media networks are prone to change and delete content, like MySpace did in 2013 when they deleted millions of blog posts, there’s no time like the present to get an archive of all those memories and photos. Luckily if you’re interested in creating an off-network backup of this info, you’ve got a lot of options.



This service’s main target is businesses that utilize social media. This could be great for marketing companies or web companies who rely heavily on their social media networks to do business. The daily backups cover Facebook and Twitter and will run you about $99 a month. You might wonder why it’s so expensive, and that’s because Backupify goes to great lengths to make sure your data is well protected. Backupify has built-in data encryption and is also HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliant. Though pricier, Backupify is great to make sure you don’t lose valuable marketing or conversations.

If you’re looking to get backups of your social media activity for more nostalgic purposes, is the service for you. The emphasis with this service is being able to save your pictures, conversations, contacts, and more to your computer so you can take a look back through all of it – like a digital photo album, but available offline. It scours a wide variety of networks to find all of your relevant posts and information and catalogues it into a pleasing UI. There’s even a journal where you can add annotations to things. You can archive up to four social network accounts for free and it comes with access to the photo organization, exporting of photos and posts, and an auto-filled journal. For additional accounts, you’ll have to pay $16.99 per year and you get access to more features like PDFs of certain time periods, analytics, and the Collections feature.


I wrote about Frostbox in regard to Tumblr before, but since it’s such a far-reaching tool it has to mentioned again. Frostbox covers such a variety of social media networks and communication tools for a pretty great price – $6.99USD per month. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, and more are covered by Frostbox. Even Evernote notes can be backed up daily by Frostbox. And the best part is there is no space limit. On top of the daily backups, you get access to a Frostbox dashboard where you navigate and use your various social media accounts from one handy site. If you need your data offline, you can download it all to your hard drive.¬†Between the low price and the huge amount of information covered by the service, Frostbox is probably your best choice from these options. There’s even a free trial period so you can decide if it’s the backup plan for you.

Manual backups

Not looking for anything more than a quick archive and don’t want to pay anything? There’s always the option to manually download your data from Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Usually found in the settings section of your account, these three social networks do provide a way to download an archive of your activity straight to your computer from their own site. These are all provided for free, however you will have to remember to grab regular archives yourself.

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