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IF and DO Recipes for Cloud Storage

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a helpful little app system. It uses other apps and actions (called “channels”) to create automated input and output recipes for your mobile devices and computers. Although previously IFTTT was one app, his has now split into a few different services like IF, featuring the traditional input/output recipes, and DO, an output that you must trigger with the app.


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Since there are over 60 different channels you can use to create recipes, there’s a huge variety of things you can automate and accomplish with this app system. For example, one recipe I use is “IF weather conditions tomorrow include rain, THEN send me an Android notification.” This is a pretty straightforward recipe but some can be complex or something you never would have thought of.

Below I’ve compiled some great IF and DO recipes that involve cloud storage.


One of the most used channels is Gmail, unsurprisingly. One very helpful recipe is saving Gmail attachments to your cloud storage. This recipe is available for Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. For Box you can even archive all emails you receive to your account if you want. One that really caught my eye was being able to save all the online order confirmations and receipts you get to your OneDrive.


Another very popular use for IF is to save or upload photos to storage and social media. There’s recipes available for OneDrive and Google Drive that allow you to save any Facebook photos you’re tagged in to your storage. Just like with Gmail, Box lets you archive all of your Facebook photo uploads. And with Dropbox there’s a recipe available that lets you save Instagram photos you post to your Dropbox.


I found a few recipes pertaining to voicemails that I thought were brilliant. With Dropbox and Box you can record and save voicemails to your cloud storage accounts. This would be a great way to remember and log what exactly you said to someone in a voicemail.

Lots of Unique Recipes

On top of the typical “Save File to Cloud Storage” types of recipes out there, there’s also some truly unique ones available. One person made a recipe that automatically logs FitBit sleep logs to a Spreadsheet in Google Drive. You can also save new WordPress posts to your Google Drive (very helpful for bloggers!). Another unique DO recipe uploads a map image of your location to Dropbox – handy if you need to mark where you are or have been.

The best part about the IFTTT system is that while there are some great recipes already out there, you can make your own if you don’t find one that suites your needs and ideas. Do you have any interesting cloud storage or backup IFTTT recipes?

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