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Most Affordable Cloud Storage Plans for iOS

A few months ago I made a post for Android users to help pick out some affordable storage for while they’re on-the-go and now it’s finally your turn, Apple users! Avoid the pricey options and take a look at these other offerings. Many are the same from the Android article, too, so if you use both Android and iOS devices, it might be a good idea to choose a storage option compatible with both platforms.



This is definitely the simplest storage solution for iOS users since iCloud is the cloud storage native to Apple devices. You get 5GB of free storage and you get upgrade to 50GB for just $0.99 USD per month! If you only use Apple products, this is probably the service you’ll be most interested in using.


Dropbox is quickly becoming one of the most recognized and used cloud storage platforms, so it’s a very safe and easy option. You get 2GB of storage for free right off the bat that you can access anywhere. If you need a bit more space than that you can get as much as 1TB for $9.99 per month or do some small tasks to ‘earn’ extra storage.¬†Since so many people use Dropbox, you won’t have to worry about having to explain how to use a shared link or anything.

Google Drive

Although technically it’s in competition with Apple products, Google Drive is available for iOS users, too. 15GB of storage is free from the start, which can be substantial or not nearly enough depending on what type of files you’re looking to store. Like Dropbox, you can pay $9.99 per month to access up to 1TB of cloud storage no matter where you choose to access your Drive account. And if you use Google Docs and Sheets, this is a no-brainer option since those automatically get saved to your Drive.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Up until a few months ago, iOS users had to setlle for breaking up their Amazon Cloud Drive usage into multiple apps. Now they’ve finally released one streamlined app that comes with all the great Cloud Drive stuff you expect. You get a¬†three-month free trial with unlimited storage – whether you just want to store photos or if you want to be able to store any kind of digital files. Once that time is up though you’ll have to pay¬†$11.99 per year for photos or $59.99 per year for unlimited file storage of any kind.

Copy is another service with a pretty good starter amount of free storage. Just like with Google Drive, you get 15GB of storage for free wherever you decide to access the service. You can upgrade for more storage with a variety of sizes from 250GB up to 1TB of space. You can also choose whether you pay monthly or yearly – when you choose yearly you get a 17% or 18% discount. For 1TB of storage you can pay either $9.99 per month or $99 per year, making it nicely flexible depending on what you can afford.

With 5GB to start, Sync doesn’t give you quite as much as Google Drive or Copy, but the upgrade options are a bit cheaper. For $49 per year you can upgrade to Business Pro which not only gives you access to 500GB of cloud storage but also some administrative tools and multiple users since it’s primarily designed for businesses. If that’s still not enough you can get 1TB for $98 per year with the same benefits of Business Pro.


If your iOS device is your sole Apple product in a sea of Windows devices, don’t worry. You can use OneDrive on your iOS product, too! You get 15GB free and can pay for up to 1TB $6.99/month and you even get Office 365 when you get that much storage. It’s definitely more geared toward Windows users however it’s definitely a viable storage solution for iOS devices, too.


Box is another very popular choice for cloud storage. You start with 10GB of free storage and can upgrade to 100GB for $79.99 per year. A handy tool that Box comes with is Box Notes, which lets you leave comments, feedback, and notes on files even from your mobile app. This definitely gives the service an edge over other similar storage services.


You’re limited to only 5GB of free storage on a trial plan, but with SugarSync you get a wider variety of upgrade points so you don’t have to worry about overspending for storage you don’t use to its fullest potential. According to their site, the most popular upgrade plan is the 250GB individual plan at $9.99 per month. There’s also a business-oriented plan that allows for 1TB of storage and handy tools like admin controls and remote wipes.

There’s certainly a huge amount of options when it comes to picking affordable cloud storage for your iOS device. What service do you prefer?

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