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Amazon Cloud Cam Review And Comparison

Amazon Cloud Cam Review And Comparison

When we’re away from home, we want to know what is happening. Is the dog getting into things he shouldn’t? Is the babysitter being mean to our children? Did we leave the stove or the lights on? The Amazon Cloud Cam is the solution. Instead of worrying, we now have access to DIY home security. Continue Reading

Amazon Cloud Player Review – What Is It And How Does It Work?

Amazon Cloud Player Review – What Is It And How Does It Work?

In a world of downloadable music and streaming services, it can be difficult to know which one is the best fit for your music listening needs. Among the many options is Amazon Drive, which used to be known as the Amazon Cloud Player. Learn more about how it works for storing and playing music.  Continue Reading

Mount Your Amazon Cloud Drive as a Network Folder

When Amazon launched the new unlimited cloud drive, I noted that perhaps the worst part of the new service is the lack of a decent desktop client for accessing the storage. The client Amazon has released, for lack of better word, sucks. Who knows perhaps that was Amazon’s plan all along, not wanting to takeContinue Reading

Amazon Cloud Drive Review

Amazon Cloud Drive is actually pretty disappointing compared to some of the more mature cloud storage services available. The one huge advantage Amazon offers is the unlimited storage at a very decent price but the whole offer is hobbled by the lack of any decent desktop client and an only satisfactory mobile app. Continue Reading

Amazon Cloud Drive Unlimited First Impressions

Amazon Cloud Drive is now offering unlimited plans for photos and for everything and many people are probably taking advantage of this great offer from Amazon but there as a few issues I have already run into in my trial that I wanted to share.   First off the unlimited plans appear to be USContinue Reading

Amazon Offers Unlimited Cloud Drive

Amazon just announced how serious it is in the consumer cloud storage market by releasing an unlimited cloud drive. This is a serious shot at the likes of Dropbox, Google, Microsoft and every other cloud storage provider out there.   This is different than the S3 and Glacier storage service that many people are usedContinue Reading

Amazon Glacier Clients

Amazon Glacier Clients

If you like to do things yourself and are setting up your own cloud backup one of the most popular and inexpensive options to use is Amazon Glacier. Amazon Glacier is great for long time archival of files which makes it great for backing up large amounts of data. Amazon Glacier is great for backingContinue Reading

Amazon Cloud Drive Adds Sync

Yesterday Amazon released a desktop client for Macs and Window computers to automatically sync files between Amazon Cloud Drive and your computer. While Amazon already offers Cloud Drive to store files with it was missing that essential piece that made it easy for people to move files between their desktop/laptops and their Cloud Drive. AmazonContinue Reading

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon has been a cloud storage provider for awhile with their Amazon S3 storage service, but today they have announced a new service called Amazon Cloud Drive. Amazon Cloud Drive is a web drive where you can store files of all kinds including documents, videos, pictures and music. If you have an account youContinue Reading