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  • Personal Account: $40.00 / year. With discount $35.00 / year.
  • Domain Account: $40.00 / year / user. With discount $35.00 / year / user.


  • 14 day free trial.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Backs up both personal Google accounts and Google Apps accounts.
  • Can download files to your computer from Spanning.


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Full Spanning Backup

Spanning Backup for Google Apps, Gmail, DriveAs more people move to Google for their daily tasks much of the data does not actually reside on our computers any more. Our email, calendar, drive and contacts all exist up in one of Google’s huge data centers but what happens if your account or your business app account is locked out or your Google information is deleted. It does happen and Google does not help you retrieve your files.

Signing Up
Signing up for Spanning Backup defers if you are signing up for a personal account or a Google Apps account. The video below from Spanning Backup shows how to sign up for the Google Apps version.

To sign up for the personal version of Spanning Backup you go to the Free Trial page and tucked away on that page is a link that says “Click here to get Spanning Backup for your personal Google account.” Clicking that link takes you to sign up using your Google login. The sign up goes easily after that but it would be nice if Spanning made it a little more obvious how to sign up using your personal Google account.

Spanning Backup Sign Up Page

Backing Up
Once you are signed into your Spanning account you will see the backup schedule. It automatically backs up once a day. You can start a manual backup by clicking the Back Up Now button. Going to the settings screen you can select what is backed up.

Spanning Backup - Backup Setting Screen

To restore your email, files, contact and calendar information you go to the restore tab in your account. Simply select the information you want to restore and you can either restore it to your Google account of download the information to your computer.

Spanning Backup - Restore Screen

If you rely on Google for your personal or business files you should look into Spanning Backup to keep a backup copy of those files. It is unfortunate that Spanning does not backup Google+ and Google+ Photos but that might not be so important if you rely on Google Apps and Google for business. At only $40 / year or $35 / year Spanning Backup is a good option for protecting the information and files in your Google account.

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Sign up with Spanning Backup

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