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MiMedia Launches Large Free Cloud Backup & Access Plan: Stream 7 GB of Your Music, Photos, Videos and Other Files Anytime, Anywhere

Looks like MiMedia has made a few changes to their storage plans. I will be updating the review as soon as I get a chance later today. For now the most important part of the press release that most people will want to know is the you can get 7gb of free storage from MiMediaContinue Reading

MiMedia Upgrades With New Capabilities to Search, Sort and Access Digital Media

MiMedia released some new features for their online backup and media streaming service today. They improved their searching of your files, how they are sorted, their web upload to handle files as large as 2gb and a few features to improve video playback and album art. Great enhancements to their service I am sure.  Continue Reading

MiMedia Review and Promo Code

I just posted a review of MiMedia an interesting combination online backup service and media server. They make it easy to access all of your files that you backup via a web interface. The best part is how you can stream all of your photos, music and home videos to where ever you are. TheContinue Reading

MiMedia Review

MiMedia Review

MiMedia is a new kid on the block as far as online backup and storage goes, but they have some big ideas about how to use the cloud. The company only started in 2010 but they are already making waves in online backup with their Shuttle drive service and media streaming.Continue Reading