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  • 3 Month Free Trial.
  • Unlimited Photos – $11.99/year.
  • Unlimited Everything – $59.99/year.


  • Unlimited storage
  • It is Amazon, the same company that some cloud storage services are using for their infrastructure
  • Price is great for unlimited storage
  • The web application is easy to use to manage files
  • 3-month trial
  • Excellent file sync
  • HIghly secure


  • Unlimited plans limited to US only
  • The desktop application lacks features
  • Mobile apps lack features for managing more than photos
  • No music streaming via web
  • Limited video streaming via web

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Full Amazon Cloud Drive Review

Amazon Cloud DriveWhen people think of cloud storage there are a few names that come to mind, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and of course Amazon. Amazon, for the most part has stayed away from the consumer cloud storage market but that all changed at the end of March 2015 when they announced their unlimited cloud drive. It would appear that Amazon is no longer content with letting other companies gain and keep the consumer cloud storage market while they provide the behind the scenes infrastructure for some of those services with Amazon S3. Now Amazon is looking at providing not only the infrastructure for cloud storage but also becoming the consumers choice for easy access to that infrastructure as well.

The Amazon Cloud Drive is a cloud-based storage service with a Web-based interface that is created to manage your photos and images properly.

Amazon Cloud Drive’s Web-based file uploader worked very quickly and smoothly in testing, with drag-and-drop functionality.

Photos and Video
To view only photos and videos on Amazon Cloud Drive, the service provides a dedicated tab, with a tiled preview.

How Do You Sync Amazon Drive?
Amazon Cloud Drive is a cloud service for backup and storage space, plus file-syncing option is now available. Amazon Drive highlights basic file and folder sharing that can be initiated through the web interface, sync folder or mobile apps. You have an option to share files by clicking it then click share. A sync option is now available, and development team has included block-level sync capabilities. That pushes Amazon Drive ahead of most of the cloud storage providers with regard to device synchronization.

How Does the Amazon Cloud Drive Work?
Amazon Drive offers secure cloud-based backup for your photos, files, videos, and more. Backup your files to the cloud service and know that all of your documents are secured. Once your files are uploaded, you can access them from your device, computer, or your tablet, all with the Amazon Drive app. All users get 5GB of free storage. Amazon Drive lets you free up space on your phone, tablet, and computer, by backing up all of your documents to a protected location. Access Amazon Drive on the web, or through the free iOS and Android apps, and save, share, manage, and store all of your significant files. Get started on Amazon Drive with free storage of 5GB.

You can store your files including your videos, photos, and more, as well as back up your files in one secure place that you can access from their mobile apps available for iOS and Android, or from the Amazon Drive desktop app. You can securely share your photos, videos, and other files with family and friends without giving them access to your computer and only to specific files or folders.

How Much is Amazon Cloud Storage?
All non-members can pay $11.99 for one year to get unlimited photo storage.

Is Amazon Cloud Free for Prime Members?
Yes. Amazon Prime members get free unlimited storage space for their photos, and non-members can pay $11.99 per year for unlimited photo storage.

Can You Use Amazon Cloud with iPhone?
Absolutely, yes! Amazon cloud storage service can be accessed from your devices. It is a free mobile app for iOS and Android that let you instantly view, manage, and share files and folders when you need to, anytime.

Web App
The web-based app for Amazon Cloud Drive is pretty well done, it is not perfect, but it is not the worst web file-based application I have seen either. You can easily upload, download and manage your files in your cloud drive using the web app. You can also share files using the web app, but I was not able to share a folder, only individual files. This makes it considerably harder to share all of your latest photos and videos of the kids if you have to share each individual file and not a folder.

Another feature that seems to be missing is the ability to play music files directly in your browser from your cloud drive. You can upload music files but there is no way to play them online. Videos also present a problem with playing online. Shorter videos uploaded from my phone using the Android app had no problem streaming but a copy of the Abbott and Costello movie Africa Screams I downloaded from would not play at all. There is a limit on the length of video files Amazon is allowing to stream.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Desktop App
As mentioned in the first impressions post, the current desktop application is unsatisfactory. It is nothing more than desktop upload tool to help you upload files and folders to Cloud Drive. It lacks any kind of features like sync, downloading or management. In short, it exists to help you upload large files and that is all.

The new Amazon Cloud Drive Desktop app on Windows. Yes it really does SUCK!

If you can find a copy of the older Amazon Sync application you will probably have a better experience of the new Unlimited Cloud Drive than the new desktop application gives you. In fact, I would say that this is perhaps the largest single problem with the new Amazon Cloud Drive. Sure they give you unlimited storage but uploading, downloading and syncing your data to your computer using the desktop app is next to impossible. If Amazon truly wants to win users over from other services they need to take a hard look at this useless tool they call a desktop application. What cloud drive really needs is a desktop application like ExpanDrive or other desktop clients like Google Drive has that gives users that ability to manage their cloud drive more fully.

Mobile App
The Amazon Cloud Drive mobile app fairs better than the desktop app, but it is still currently branded as the Cloud Drive photo app. It offers more features like the ability to automatically upload photos and videos from your mobile device and you can browse your uploaded photos and video, but you cannot see or access any other file types. Perhaps this is still coming in a future release but again if Amazon is serious about competing with the other cloud storage services out there they need to improve the mobile app and quick.

Amazon Cloud Drive is actually pretty disappointing compared to some of the more mature cloud storage services available. The one huge advantage Amazon offers is the unlimited storage at a very decent price but the whole offer is hobbled by the lack of any decent desktop client and an only satisfactory mobile app. If Amazon is thinking users will jump ship from other services because of the temptation of unlimited storage they are in for a rude awakening when users don’t come pouring in. While I am a huge fan of unlimited storage options at decent prices if there is no decent desktop or mobile applications to upload, download and manage your data then the service is nothing more than a cheap advertising gimmick, which is what this offer from Amazon sadly looks like.

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