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Backup Assistant Plus: Verizon Wireless Review

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What Is Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant Plus?

Backup Assistant Plus expands on the features and power of Verizon’s original cloud storage service, Verizon Backup Assistant. Developers of the newer Backup Assistant Plus added an array of desirable features and dramatically increased functionality over its predecessor. The original Backup Assistant was essentially a cloud-based address book, creating and storing a backup of the user’s contacts only,  The newer Backup Assistant Plus features similar contact backup and synching functionality as the original service. However, it also adds the ability to back up and sync videos, pictures, and music.

Product Specs

Backup Assistant Plus provides Verizon Wireless subscribers with the ability to schedule automatic backups of their contact data, along with videos, photos, music files, and more. Users can readily search and restore data from the secure, cloud-based storage platform as long as their Verizon Wireless subscription remains active.


From the outset, Verizon subscribers were able to use Backup Assistant Plus to secure, store, and sync contact data free of charge. The company provided additional cloud space for backup and storage of videos, pictures and music files for an additional monthly fee. An active Verizon Wireless subscription data plan was required in all cases.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare to Verizon Backup Assistant Plus. We also took a look at how the original compares to its successor, Verizon Cloud. Continue reading to see how Backup Assistant Plus stacked up against the competitors listed below.

  • iDrive
  • Carbonite
  • Verizon Cloud

Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant Plus

Verizon logo


The backup and storage services offered by Backup Assistant Plus were included, free of charge, with any Verizon phone purchase and an active subscription to Verizon Wireless service. Additional cloud storage space was available for an additional monthly fee.

Ease of Use

Verizon pre-installed Backup Assistant Plus on all Verizon phones prior to 2023 as part of its service package for all subscribers. New users were typically shown how to schedule backups using the service during the initial set-up of their new phones. This service’s ease of use, by the standards of the time, was likely worthy of five stars. However, due to increasing functionality problems and frequent troubleshooting requirements on most mobile devices, we can only give Backup Assistant Plus two stars in this category now.

Design Quality

The design of the desktop and mobile user interface dashboard features a familiar theme that Verizon Wireless users are already comfortable with. This continuity between the native app design and the dashboard earn the Backup Assistant Plus platform five stars for the quality of its design.

Overall Value

Verizon’s Backup Assistant Plus laid the foundation for newer, multi-featured cloud backup services, including Verizon Cloud. That original, now outmoded service, functions on only a handful of older mobile phones today, plus select Blackberry and Windows devices. While the original, well-designed and easy-to-use Verizon dashboard deserves a high rating, these extreme compatibility limitations led us to rate Backup Assistant Plus two stars for value.


  • Free storage of unlimited contact data for Verizon Wireless subscribers
  • Pre-installed on Verizon devices prior to 2023
  • Easy transfer and sharing of contacts, videos, pictures and music between Verizon devices


  • Replaced by Verizon Cloud in 2023 and no longer officially supported
  • Not compatible with newer devices
  • Users can no longer access stored data once Verizon Wireless subscription is inactive


idrive logo

iDrive provides cloud storage services for an unlimited number of devices on one user account. This application supports the backup of  PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Users may choose either  2TB or 5TB  of cloud storage space. The service transfers and stores all files with 256-bit AES encryption. Apps for both Android and iOS devices allow users to access synchronized data from PC or Mac on a mobile device.

No data is deleted from the user’s iDrive account until manually deleted by the user or until the user activates Archive Cleanup feature to synchronize computer data. Data sent to the trash can be recovered for up to 30 days. Users are able to search and restore data from any device or web browser.  IDrive provides real-time backups by automatically recognizing your modification of a file and instantly replicating only that modified portion.


iDrive is the most affordable option of the different providers’ services we reviewed, and it offers plenty of value for the price. Users pay about $70 per year for 2TB of storage space or $100 per year for 5TB.

Ease of Use

iDrive is fairly simple and easy to use with a familiar selection process in which users can choose the files they would like to have backed up by checking boxes next to each file type or individual file. However, there are no standout features in this category, either. We ranked iDrive a solid four stars for good, but merely standard, ease of use.


In addition to standard backup, storage, and restore functionality provided by most cloud storage services, iDrive has taken synching functionality to a new level. A new Sync folder is created whenever iDrive is installed on a new device, and users can then opt to sync the contents of that folder across all other devices connected to the same account. This powerful feature instantly doubles the storage space available to the user at no additional cost. 

iDrive users can also take advantage of a limited-share feature allowing them to share all types of data in unlimited quantities with others iDrive subscribers only. These unique features and the potential for added storage capacity provided by iDrive earned our maximum full five-star rating here.

Design Quality

The design of the iDrive interface dashboard manages to squeeze a comprehensive amount of user customization options, backup and sync operation choices, and data restoration selections into a stylish and pleasing desktop design. We rated iDrive’s design quality four stars, with a nod to its comprehensive user interface accessible even for novices.

Overall Value

iDrive is certainly one of the top contenders in our sampling of top cloud service providers. We gave iDrive high ratings for its full use of sync functionality and its extremely customizable user experience. We like the service for both computer-savvy users and those with only basic skills Overall, we rated iDrive four stars, in part due to an annual subscription requirement that may be out of reach for many consumers.


  • One user account allows the backup of unlimited devices
  • Supports PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices
  • Generous 2TB or 5TB storage packages


  • No month-to-month subscriptions
  • Annual and two-year subscription plans must be paid in full at the start of service
  • No unlimited storage option


Carbonite logo

Carbonite was launched in 2005 as a cloud backup service for home and small business users. With the acquisition of Seagate Technology’s EVault in 2023 Carbonite was able to expand its data protection services to offer hybrid backup and disaster recovery services to large businesses. The 2023 acquisition of Double-Take Software completed their platform by allowing Carbonite to offer enterprise-grade solutions.


Carbonite has a tiered pricing structure and charges annual subscription fees that must be paid in advance. Carbonite Safe, the base tier, starts around $72 per year, and it includes basic backup service for one computer. The Carbonite Safe Plus tier starts around $112 per year and provides basic backup service for an extended variety of file types. It also allows automatic continuous backup of bulk video files and external hard drives for one computer.  The highest tier available to consumers, Carbonite SafePrime, costs around $150 each year and provides the added security of a “hard” backup which can be delivered to your location to restore your files in the event of a catastrophic system failure. Additional computers are charged as new subscriptions with no bulk discount.

Ease of Use

Carbonite strives to ensure the platform’s features are simple to access and use, regardless of whether the user is an individual, small business or enterprise user. Carbonite offers 24/7 support from a customer care team which has won multiple customer service awards. This award-winning team and the app’s easy-to-use interface earn Carbonite four out of five stars in the ease-of-use arena.


Carbonite offers a few standout features worth mentioning. The most valuable is the company’s commitment to providing a truly functional desktop interface. Theirs offers useful details like folder-flagging, which lets users see at a glance which files have already been backed up and which are still vulnerable. Excellent customer support, available 24/7, is also a plus we must include as a feature. Robust security is an essential element of any cloud service, and Carbonite has strong enterprise-level security features solidly in place. All pricing tiers offer full encryption with the security key known only to the user and two-factor authentication, which requires the user to confirm sign in on another device. 

We rated the solid features offered by Carbonite three stars.

Design Quality

The design of Carbonite’s desktop user interface is straightforward and simple to use. It provides ongoing status checks of in-progress backup and restoration activity. You can select the frequency and type of automatic backup you would like Carbonite to perform. Overall, the user-friendly dashboard earned a solid four out of five stars from our reviewers.

Overall Value

Carbonite’s biggest selling point is its offer of unlimited storage service, However, the tight restrictions on what type of data users are able to back up and store limit the value of this feature considerably. Further, the requirement that we purchase a full, individual subscription for each computer is cost-prohibitive. Although Carbonite is a solid cloud backup provider, the same features and functionality can be found in the top competitor’s products for a fraction of the price. Carbonite provides a solid product with awesome customer support, but these concerns led us to an overall rating of three stars.


  • Award-winning customer support available 24/7
  • Straightforward, attractive user interface
  • Unlimited storage of select file types


  • Base price includes the backup of only one computer per user account
  • Users must subscribe for a minimum of one year and pay in advance
  • Backup and restoration of operating system data files and applications are not supported

Verizon Cloud

Verizon cloud logo

Verizon Cloud was officially launched in April 2023 as the next-generation replacement for Verizon’s Backup Assistant and Backup Assistant Plus platforms. Like its predecessors, Verizon Cloud allows users to wirelessly back up and sync contacts, videos, pictures, music, and documents. It also brings to the table the ability to back up and sync call logs and text messages. All data is stored securely in the same Verizon Cloud space that users of Backup Assistant Plus have already encountered.


Basic contacts-only backup service is included free with the purchase of a Verizon device and wireless service subscription. Additional storage can be purchased for around $5 monthly: that gets you 500GB of storage. For about $10 monthly, you can push that up to for 1TB.

Ease of Use

The familiar interface provides continuity for Verizon users and the platform is fully accessible through the Verizon Wireless user dashboard or the native My Verizon application installed on the user’s device. Verizon subscribers should have no difficulty transitioning from the previous platform. We rated Verizon Cloud five stars based on its familiar user interface design and seamless device integration.


Verizon’s latest generation back up and sync service came on the scene with several noteworthy additions to its feature set. In addition to storage and functionality like that of Backup Assistant Plus, it adds the ability to back up and store text messages and call logs.  

The new platform offers some fun, creative features as well. You can use a photo printing service to turn your backed-up photos into a variety of beautifully printed products. The new Stories feature automatically organizes photos and videos together in a timeline, which makes it easier to access all the media associated with your most memorable moments.

All user data can be accessed from either iOS or Android devices as well as on the web using the My Verizon Cloud app. Best of all, users can now share some types of media content with a broader audience by casting it to the television screen using any widely available casting apps.

These new features and added functionality earn Verizon Cloud a five-star rating from us.

Design Quality

My Verizon Cloud is essentially the well-designed dashboard interface for Verizon Cloud service. This application can be downloaded and installed on any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, and any PC or Mac computer. Once installed, it presents the user with an ultra-functional central hub from which content can be viewed, organized, downloaded, shared or deleted with just a few clicks of the mouse. We assigned Verizon Cloud five stars in the design category.

Overall Value

For the individual home user, it is hard to beat the overall value that Verizon Cloud provides. The functionality is equal to that provided by its top competitors in this category, and the additional printing and sharing features help propel it over the top compared to features provided by other cloud service providers.

The recent expansion of the My Verizon Cloud service to offer full service to non-Verizon customers earns The Verizon Cloud our five-star rating for the best overall value. It is a worthy successor to Verizon’s Backup Assistant Plus.


  • Seamless integration with other native Verizon services
  • Ability to share media content to a television screen via popular media-sharing/casting apps
  • Creative media features


  • Users unable to access stored data once a My Verizon or Verizon Wireless subscription is terminated
  • Though fully functional on all devices, iOS users will experience more minor performance issues than Android users
  • Live support during regular business hours only


Verizon’s Backup Assistant Plus service is still a very capable backup solution for older devices, select Windows phones, and Blackberry devices. However, it is not compatible with most recent-generation smartphones and tablets. Due to the original platform’s very limited functionality, we were only able to give the Verizon Backup Assistant Plus service a two-star rating.  The Verizon Cloud service that replaced Backup Assistant Plus provides increased compatibility, now spanning all user devices from iOS, Android, and Blackberry mobile applications to Windows PCs and Mac OS computers. It is our overall five-star-rated top pick of the cloud service providers we reviewed and is fit to carry the torch as Verizon’s flagship service for today’s devices.






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