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BackupRight Review

It appears that BackupRight has either been taken over or has closed and is redirecting to Tomahawk Backup. Will see what I can find out in the next little while.

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  • BackupRight Single-System 25gb: $14.99/month, $149.99/year.
  • Multi-System 50gb: $39.99/month, $399.99/year.


  • Backup schedule is setup once and no further configuration is needed during the life of the service unless you need to modify your settings.
  • Recover and restore lost files is just a few clicks away.
  • Offers a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Single System plan supports Windows and Mac
  • Multi System plan supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell Netware and Sun Solaris.


  • Does not offer online file sharing.
  • No trial is offered see 30 day money back guarantee above.
  • Website is confusing with information not consistent about plans and supported systems.
  • Small storage plans.

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Full BackupRight Review

bur-thumbWhen backing up sensitive information and files becomes a priority, BackupRight is the online data backup service that provides an automated solution for home, business, and mobile users. Opposite to other services, BackupRight specializes exclusively in backup technology; this means that this company is not an online storage provider but a professional and reliable backup over the Internet alternative.

BackupRight has their own Data Center and advanced security measures to keep safe backups of all your data, which is packaged and encrypted for delivery and storage in the company’s servers using the same class SSL encryption technology applied by online banks and e-commerce companies in order to keep your information protected.

The world-class Data Center has all the services expected in a collocation facility, including 4000 AMP, 480-volt electrical power feeds, one Megawatt of redundant UPS power, redundant Master and Emergency System Busses (MSB/ESB) with a 2 Megawatt Diesel Generator system, HVAC air conditioning, on-site security, and monitoring 24 hours a day all year round.

Another advantage of this service is the wide variety of file types that can be stored including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, contacts, emails, and MS Exchange, photos, favorite bookmarks, multimedia files, system settings, folders, MySQL, Oracle, MS and SQL databases, QuickBooks, and it can be used to replace your old tape, CD, and DVD backups.

On the other hand, BackupRight is not a complicated service nor requires special knowledge or skills because the BackupRight application wizard allows you to setup your own scheduled times easily and then backups are created automatically without needing human interaction. Files are stored and protected using multi-layer encryption that can only be retrieved by the user with their own selected 256-bit military grade encryption key so nobody else can access them.

When it comes to backup plans, there are two solutions to choose from. The BackupRight Express plan providing automatic backups for your desktops and laptops for $12.99 a month, and BackupRight Pro for enterprise service levels. In both cases, there are no additional cost for backup of unlimited systems, servers, and workstations with a simple account management area, daily reports, Open/Lock file support, and no license fees.

Home users can benefit from BackupRight backup service with the ordering of the Express 50GB package that automatically backups Windows PC’s for $12.99 a month. Express 50GB supports all Microsoft Windows platforms starting with Windows 95 to Windows Vista, while the Pro version supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Novell Netware and Sun Solaris.

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