30 Day Carbonite Trial for Free with Java Update

Carbonite has struck a deal with Sun Microsystems Inc to be included in a Java Update. According to PCMag.com.


Boston-based Carbonite said on Tuesday that Sun will offer U.S. customers a free one-month trial of the backup service when they download or update Sun’s widely used Java software for personal computers.

This move is bound to increase the number of users of Carbonite online backup. Carbonite is an easy to use online backup system, and has a loyal following. This could actually have a negative affect for Carbonite if Twitter users are to be believed. A quick search on Twitter shows a fairly negative view of this tactic to have Carbonite installed.


If you are looking to try Carbonite out, this could be a great way to get a 30 day trial instead of the usual 15 day trail that you can sign up for at the Carbonite website.






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