IDrive Launches App for Synology NAS

Thanks to IDrive for the image.
Thanks to IDrive for the image.

If you own a Synology Network Attached Storage device your options for cloud backup just got a little bigger. IDrive today announced that they have released a backup app for Synology NAS. There are different ways to backup a NAS, one is to have a service that supports backing up a network share, the other is to be able to install the app directly on the device and have it backup directly to the cloud. If you have to choose the second is preferred over the first but there were not very many services that supported direct installation on the device.


You will need an IDrive account before you can use this new app. IDrive has been running a 50% off the first promo for awhile so you could get a decent amount of space to backup to for not to much money. If you have a Synology NAS it is something you or your business might want to take advantage of.

For more information the full press release is available below.

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Online Backup Provider IDrive launches backup app for Synology NAS device

LOS ANGELES,¬†May 28, 2014¬†/PRNewswire/ –¬†IDrive¬†Inc. is a dedicated player in the online backup realm and cloud storage world. The offsite, online backup company consistently addresses changing trends in the data storage industry. As it continues to improve upon the opportunities in online backup, IDrive Inc. has launched an app for backing up Synology NAS devices.

IDrive’s Synology Backup app¬†has onsite and offsite backup capabilities, which provide a more comprehensive disaster recovery plan. IDrive created this app to give Synology users a reliable online backup solution that is fast and affordable.¬†Raghu Kulkarni, CEO of IDrive Inc., commented that, “Cloud storage has been recognized significantly for data protection, and NAS devices are no exception. We are sure that Synology device users will find greater confidence and ease-of-use in online backups using our IDrive app for Synology.”

Highlights of IDrive app for Synology:

  • Any-time interactive backup and restore for data present in Synology NAS devices.
  • Option for scheduling automatic backups and restores, as per convenience.
  • Email notifications on completion of scheduled backup operations.
  • Availability of elaborate log reports detailing account activities.
  • New UI for better user experience.
  • Proxy support for NAS and bandwidth throttle feature.
  • Customization of backup location.
  • Account log off for improved security.
  • Real time quota calculation, log status updates, as well as scheduled and manual job status.

IDrive is a universal online backup service that’s easy and secure. Synology users can now take advantage of a simple solution for data protection with an¬†IDrive account. For an affordable price, IDrive offers a trusted and reliable disaster recovery plan, security of critical data, and access to a trusted backup solution with NSA-proof encryption with the option for a private key.

About IDrive
IDrive Inc. is a privately held company specializing in cloud storage,¬†online backup, file sharing, remote access, compliance, sync and related technologies. Core services include¬†IDrive¬Æ,¬†IBackup¬Æ,RemotePC‚Ñ¢¬†and¬†EVS¬†for developers. The company’s services help over 2 million customers back up over 45 Petabytes of data.

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