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  • Personal: $49.95/year. Get the first year for $29.00.
  • Family: Add Family Members for $19.00/year.


  • Easy to use to backup and restore.
  • Well done web access.
  • Unlimited storage and file size.
  • Offers a 14 day free trial.
  • First year can be purchased for only $29.00.
  • Offers a family plan.
  • Support Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
  • Can stream audio and video from website.


  • Lacks encryption on their servers.
  • No versioning of files.
  • Prices hidden on the website.

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Full Pogoplug Review

Pogoplug HomepagePogoplug has always been a bit confused about what it was. At one time I remember Pogoplug selling a product that also offered a personal cloud component. I always resisted reviewing the service before now because of the physical drive part of the service, but it appears Pogoplug has shifted into a more traditional cloud backup service. I have to admit the service I see now is not the same service that was selling hardware that went along with their software.

Before installing the software I created an account on Pogoplug and downloaded the software for my test Windows machine. Installation was easy and required very little extra work.

Backing Up
Once installation was complete there is the option to simply start the backup or select the advance options and select more than the default files the program has already selected for you. Clicking the backup button starts the backup and all you need to do it sit back and relax.

Restoring is just as simple as backing up. Look through the files that are backed up, select the folders or files you want to restore and click the restore button. You can select the restore folder or a new folder to restore the files into. Having a nice easy restore will make it easier to recover your files. You can also download your files from the web site if you only need a few. The only thing missing seems to be the ability to go back in time and select different versions of files. That could be a problem if you have a file that was corrupt.

Other Features
Web Portal – The web portal is well done and is similar to what you would expect from a cloud storage company more than a cloud backup service. You have access to your files, can stream music and video direct in the browser, share files and upload. Overall the web side seems failry well done and I could see many people using the web portal to stream their music and video collections.

Android App – I only tested the Android app of Pogoplug and it worked well. It allows easy access to your data that is uploaded and can backup your photos and videos from your device to your account. It would even stream music for me, but it looks like video streaming is either not allowed or the video I uploaded was not allowed to be streamed.

Pogoplug is an easy to use service at an affordable price and could be worth a look for anyone that wants to backup their desktops and mobile devices with easy access and not worry about running out of storage space. In fact they are one of the services several people recommended when Bitcasa had a mass exodus of users.

The major area of concern I have with Pogoplug is their security. The service backs up using SSL connections but the lack of any kind of mention of encryption on their cloud storage is a little worrying. They even recommend that you should encrypt your data before sending it to them on their support website.


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