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Keepit 50% Off Coupon Code

Keepit online backup has come out with a very generous offer for those customers that are leaving Mozy, thanks to Mozy’s recent price hike. Keepit was one of the companies we listed on our Unlimited Alternatives to Mozy post shortly after Mozy announced their price changes and they have made it clear that they canContinue Reading

Keepit Mac Version Available

Noticed today that Keepit has now released a Mac version of the online backup software. If you visit the Keepit website you can sign up for a free trial or signup with for an account. Great news for Mac users to have another choice for online backup. Want to know more about Keepit? Read ourContinue Reading

Keepit Review

Keepit Review

Keepit Online Backup system offers a wide array of benefits that ensure you never have to worry about losing things on your computer again due to system crashes, viruses, etc. Their backup system offers a very simple to use system so everyone will be able to use their service without any worries. The great news that comes with Keepit is that there are no unnecessary clicks or difficult settings to learn in order to set up, backup, and restore your files.Continue Reading