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SugarSync Black Friday 50% Off

SugarSync Black Friday Offer

The SugarSync Black Friday offer is now live! This is the BEST Black Friday offer ever offered by SugarSync and it is a great deal. You can now save 50% on any SugarSync personal account.


Here is the your price breakdown for the different accounts they offer during this special Black Friday coupon.

  • 60GB $74.99 $37.49/year
  • 100GB $99.99 $49.99/year
  • 250GB $249.99 $124.99/year
  • 500GB $399.99 $199.99/year

If you already know all about SugarSync then just click here to go to the Black Friday page and sign up.

If you don’t know all about SugarSync here are some important things to know.

  • Automatic Backup – SugarSync automatically and continuously backs up your files from your devices. On top of that SugarSync stores multiple copies of your files in different data centers to ensure those files stay safe.
  • Excellent Mobile Support – No matter if you use iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or even Symbian you can easily access your photos, music, and documents using SugarSync’s mobile apps.
  • Easily Share Large Files and Folders – Sending file though email is so 1990’s! SugarSync makes it easy to share the latest photos and videos of the kids and entire folders privately and securely with friends, family, clients, or colleagues. You can even let other people edit your files, or limit them to viewing.
  • Flexible Sync – Sync any file or folder on any device. Just select something to sync and forget about it. SugarSync works automatically in the background.
  • Trusted and Secure – All file transfers use SSL encryption and your files are stored in multiple carrier-grade data centers using 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Cloud Search – Find any file or folder you’ve synced or shared – no matter what device it’s on – from any computer or mobile device, using SugarSync or any browser.

This offer is only good for a limited time so don’t hesitate, sign up today to get started with SugarSync!

Want to know more about SugarSync? Read our SugarSync review for more information.

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