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Lisa Tortorello has great post about how Carbonite helped to save the day for her. Often this is not the kind of story I hear or read about so it is nice to read about someone having a computer crash and not losing all of their files.


I just wished all the people and businesses I dealt with could say this!

Every single file I had was restored and put back in its original place. The computer was mine again and once more LIFE WAS GOOD!

Take a few minutes to read about Lisa’s experience and remember to start backing up your computer.

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  1. Lisa Tortorello Avatar

    Thanks for sharing my story! The reason my back up took so long was because I had over 12,000 files stored on my computer. Believe me, it was worth the wait when I saw that everything I had was not lost or messed up in any way! Once again I must say this is a GREAT product!

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