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Six Cloud Backup and Storage Services that take Bitcoin

BitcoinIf you are looking for cloud backup or storage and prefer to purchase your subscription using Bitcoin you will be out of luck for the majority of the major providers such as Backblaze, CrashPlan and others. SpiderOak had a brief Bitcoin payment test in 2013 and they might be looking at brining it back.

There are a number of services that do accept Bitcoin though and depending on what you are looking for you could easily find a service that meets your needs.

  • Sync – Based in the Toronto Canada, Sync is a zero-knowledge cloud storage company that has just started accepting Bitcoin in September 2015. They are a strong encryption option for those looking for similar features to Dropbox but with more security.
  • MEGA – You can purchase vouchers to upgrade your MEGA account using Bitcoin from Bitvoucher. Prices start at 0.3014BTC for a MEGA Pro
  • PCloud – This service appears to be based in Bulgaria, according to the website whois. The service itself looks interesting, but I have not actually tried it myself. Their FAQ states they accept Bitcoins.
  • Datashell – With Datashell you get unlimited storage and backup starting at 0.1BTC a year. This service based in the UK and they appear committed to accepting Bitcoin. Try as I might though I was never sure how to actually sign up for the service.
  • Tarsnap – Tarsnap is for the BSD, Linux, OS X, Minix, OpenIndiana, Cygwin user crowd. They are not your average cloud backup service but if you love the command line, love highly secure encryption and want to pay with Bitcoin they could be your perfect fit.
  • BackupVault – Based in the UK and seem to be focused on business backup.

It is also possible to purchase Backblaze, while they do not officially take Bitcoin, through Cloud Storage Buzz. You can purchase one year pre paid codes for Backblaze through us here. I believe we are still the only Backblaze reseller accpeting Bitcoin for Backblaze.

Are there other cloud backup and storage services that accept Bitcoin that I have missed? Leave a comment and let us know your favorite.

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