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Mapped Drive Support

One of the most asked questions I get by email is what companies support mapped drives or network drives. With more and more homes having multiple computers and network attached storage devices it is not surprising that people want one service that can backup their networked data as well as the information on their local desktop or laptop.


The services that support mapped drives or network drives is a pretty short list. I will list them here and eventually add a new category on the top onlne backup companies page and add a new column on the online backup comparisons page so people can find this information.

The list of services that support mapped drives include:

  1. SpiderOak
  2. IDrive
  3. SOS Online Backup
  4. Memopal
  5. Livedrive
SpiderOak IDrive SOS Online Backup Memopal Livedrive
Operating System Windows, Mac & Linux Windows & Mac Windows & Mac Windows, Mac & Linux Windows & Mac
Free / Trial Free 2GB Free 5GB Trial 14 Days Free 3GB Trial 14 Days
Size Packages start at 100GB 150GB Packages start at 50GB Packages start at 200GB Unlimited
Sync Yes No No Yes Yes – If you move up to Pro Suite
Cost $10.00 / 100GB increment / month $4.95 / Month
$49.50 / Year
$9.95 / Month
$79.95 / Year
$129.95 / 2 Years
$155.95 3 Years
$49.00 / Year
$99.00 / Year
$7.95 / month plus $7.95 / month to Backup network storage or NAS

What else would you like added to this comparison? Let me know.

Below are screenshots from the services websites highlighting that they support mapped or network drives. Please verify for yourself if the service will do what you need it to do before signing up. They all offer either a free version or a free trial to test.

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