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  • 30 Day Trial: $Free
  • Private (Unlimited backup and 100 GB of online file storage): $49.00/year.
  • Business (500 GB backup and online file storage): $249/year.


  • Diino client is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux Operating Systems.
  • Automatic backup.
  • File sharing.
  • Unlimited backup
  • Client can be used on more than one computer with same account


  • The actual software requires the Java Runtime Environment.
  • People using the old client must update the application that may cause a system hog in computers with limited memory and/or system resources.

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diinoOnline storage providers face an increasing number of competitors that is contributing to making changes in their marketing strategies. Diino is one of those online storage services that have enhanced its offer to keep leadership on the online backup market.

This Swedish company provides secure online storage, backups, and file sharing to over 1.4 million users around the world through strategic alliances with Airbites, BenQ, and Telmex besides other Internet Service Providers, Hardware Distributors and Computer Vendors, IT Security Companies, Retailers, and Affiliate Networks besides corporate offices and top-notch servers in Stockholm, Atlanta, London, and Mexico City.

In order to keep their offer competitive, Diino actually is offering free 5GB online storage space, which is five times the original 1GB offer during the launching of the service. In addition, the free offer comes with a 30-day backup trial aimed for both individuals and businesses.

Using the latest file sharing technology, users can save files into their Diino storage space, share it with colleagues, family, and friends and even publish it taking advantage of photo slideshows available from any Internet connected computer.

File backups can be scheduled for unattended routines that make sure no data loss will affect your sensitive information; however, this feature is only reliable if you sign up for one of the two comprehensive packages: Private 100GB online file storage and unlimited backups for $49.00 per year and Business 500GB backup and online file storage for $249.00 a year.

Whether you get a free/trial account or a paid subscription, the process begins with a sign up at the Diino website and download the client that allows direct connection with your protected and personal online account, although you can access your stored directly from any browser without needing any other software than a web browser.

From within their accounts, users can put their files into music catalogues, photo albums, or designated folders that can be shared by providing people with a link to the specific file or directory. Private and business users can rest assured that their privacy and integrity of the stored information will be safeguarded.

The automatic backup solution is secure and saves you from the hassle dealing with CD, removable, and external media that is exposed to natural or accidental hazards, not to mention viruses, crashes, and errors with hard drive problems. Online storage including the guarantee of security measures to keep your data safe, can do the job automatically at a specific times so you can always have a fresh copy safe and sound.

When it comes to business, the storage, backup, and sharing facility allows optimal work flow and a safe environment to keep presentations, spreadsheets, and important documents one click away at a reduced cost if compared with setting up an enterprise-dedicated server.

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