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Homepage DeskThere are many different threats to keeping your data safe. Hard drive failure, computer theft and disasters like fire and flood can cause you to lose all of your precious personal and work files in an instant. Backups are essential to keep your data safe and thanks to the improvement in cloud storage and backup solutions you have a number of choices to keep your data safe and sound. With so many services available to the consumer it can be difficult to sort through all of the options to find the best for you. Take a look through our reviews and our ratings to help you find the perfect cloud storage or backup solution for you.

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Our 2023 Top 10 Cloud Backup Services

These ten services are our top choices when it comes to cloud backup.

  1. Backblaze – Read our review
  2. CrashPlan – Read our review
  3. Carbonite – Read our review
  4. IDrive – Read our review
  5. SOS Online Backup – Read our review
  6. SpiderOak – Read our review
  7. Acronis – Read our review
  8. SugarSync – Read our review
  9. ElephantDrive – Read our review
  10. Zoolz – Read our review

Latest Posts from the Blog

  • Test Page for Google GDrive?
    TechCrunch had a post this morning with some interesting screenshots that I was still able to duplicate. It appears that searching Google for “Writely” shows a page in the Google search results partly with the title “test page for Platypus (GDrive)”Clicking through does not show much, just an error page for Google Docs. Perhaps the …
  • 512GB Free Online Backup Solution
    Note: Beecloud has since closed their doors as well. Another Livedrive reseller, BeeCloud, has released a news release today talking about their 512GB free online backup service. I can’t help but think they were a little jealous of Backify that came out on October 13 with the same offer, and then by October 18th stopped offering …
  • Backblaze Version 2.0 Released
    Backblaze just announced that version two of their backup software has been released. This release is mostly a release to improve performance of their client software but it offers some significant improvements with their service. While Backblaze offered unlimited storage they did have limits on file size (of 9GB) and what types of files would …
  • Dropbox Funding, API and Forbes
    Dropbox is in the news again this last week with several new announcements. From raising more funding, a new API for mobile and web apps and a front page cover article on the upcoming Forbes magazine. While I don’t think most readers here care to much about how much money a company has raised, it …
  • Mapped Drive Support
    One of the most asked questions I get by email is what companies support mapped drives or network drives. With more and more homes having multiple computers and network attached storage devices it is not surprising that people want one service that can backup their networked data as well as the information on their local …
  • Backify To Stop Offering Free Accounts
       In a move that is really not a surprise to anyone I am sure, Backify is already going to stop offering free 512GB accounts. It only took them 4 days since their launch to announce they are closing off new 512GB accounts. The good news is if you are one of the 50,000 users that …
  • SugarSync for Outlook
    For those of you that are still using Outlook (I know I still have to use Outlook at work) here is a great new plugin for you, SugarSync for Outlook. I know this will help a lot of people that need to send large file attachments that use Outlook and the SugarSync plugin is a …
  • Livedrive Resellers Besides Backify
       Yesterday I mentioned that a new Livedrive reseller started up called Backify. They are offering a 512GB free account and have gotten some press because of it. I had a few minutes today to do a Google search or two and added to the Livedrive resellers list on the Livedrive review page. In my searching I …
  • Free Online Backup Service “Backify” Launched
       Update People interesting in Backify should read the follow two posts as well:Backify To Stop Offering Free Accounts Livedrive Resellers Besides BackifyYesterday a new online backup service called Backify launched. While I saw the news release and some of the splash that was trying to be created I chose not to mention it yesterday and instead posted …
  • SOS Online Backup Social Backup
    SOS Online Backup is on a roll releasing their Mac app recently and now they are offering a new free 5GB Facebook Backup service. This new service offers Facebook users 5GB of free space to backup Facebook information including:Wall Friends Photos Videos (in beta) MessagesI don’t use Facebook often (not really a social media kind of guy I …