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SpiderOak Review and Promo Code - July 2024

SpiderOak Review

SpiderOak Promo Code

These are the latest SpiderOak promo codes that are available. Please visit the full posts to get more details about the available coupon.
  • SpiderOak World Backup Day Promo Code
    Update: For the first time SpiderOak is offering a 50% discount for all new users for World Backup Day. It is the same promo code as the 5GB promo you can choose if you want the 5GB for life promo or 50% off. SpiderOak has announced their World Backup Day promo for 2013. If I recall …
  • SpiderOak Announces 5GB Free Storage Promotion for World Backup Day
    SpiderOak has been pretty quiet this year about World Backup Day, after being one of the major sponsors of the day last year. Of course last year World Backup Day was more of a reddit reader movement and this year World Backup Day is more of a commercial enterprise. Guess that is why there has …
  • SpiderOak Reset the Net Promo
    SpiderOak has been more active this year it seems with promos and discounts, and not just for new users but for both new and existing users. I know I jumped on their unlimited plan special for World Backup Day. This promo from SpiderOak might not be as good as unlimited storage but it is a …

SpiderOak at a Glance

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  • Backup, Sync, Share, Access and Storage
  • Multi Platform Support – Mac, Windows, Linux Compatible
  • 100% Zero-knowledge Privacy
  • Add any number of computers at NO additional cost
  • Storage & time saving De-Duplication
  • Perpetual Deleted File & Historical Version Storage
  • 10-15 Times Faster than traditional backup solutions
  • Wholly Fault-Tolerant Design
  • Scheduling or automatic backups
  • Offers iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps


  • Only offer a free 2GB trial now. Was 2GB of free space for life.
  • No bandwidth throttle
  • Email support only

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Full Review

SpiderOak HomepageThere are online backup services and then there is SpiderOak. SpiderOak is more than just an online backup service, they are an online backup service, a file sharing service and remote file access service rolled into one. Add to that, the fact that you can use SpiderOak on Windows, Mac and Linux machines and SpiderOak is poised to become a leader in online backup.

Security is first and foremost with SpiderOak. All data is encrypted locally on your computer before being sent up to the SpiderOak servers. Your data is so secure in fact that not even SpiderOak can gain access to your files or look at the file names. The “zero knowledge” policy with SpiderOak makes it very important that you do not lose or forget your password. SpiderOak cannot reset your password for you since it is used on your computer to encrypt the data before being sent to SpiderOak.

The SpiderOak itself is easy to use whether you are using a Windows computer, a Macintosh or a Linux machine. The software runs and behaves similarly on all platforms and is easy to use. To backup simply select the folders you want to backup and SpiderOak will do the rest. The software regularly scans your computer and the folders that you have selected for backup for changes and uploads those files. You can force a scan to occur and start a backup of changed files. There does not seem to be a way to schedule a backup to occur at a particular time. The closest I could find was a way to set how often the scan for changed files takes place.

SpiderOak has also made it easy to share files that you have already backed up. While some services offer file sharing many of them give you space for backup and storage/file sharing separately. With SpiderOak you can share files from your backed up files. It is a simple matter of clicking the Share tab on the software, creating a ShareId and creating a new Share Room. This is an excellent feature for those that want to share photos of the kids with friends and family without needing or copying the files to another server. Simply do your backup like normal and share the latest folder.

Users can also access all their backed up files over the web by simply logging in with your username and password on the SpiderOak website. From there you can easily access and download your files using your web browser. This give you access to downloading your files where ever you have Internet access.

While the price is a little higher than some other services you are able to backup up multiple computers with one account. You could easily backup your main desktop, the kids computer and your laptop all on one account. Overall SpiderOak is a solid backup service perfect for home and business online backup needs.

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7 responses to “SpiderOak Review”

  1. reSO Avatar

    My experience with SpiderOak is very good. It allows me to sync/backup any folder in my computer. It backs up every version of my files, and deleted files can be found in its recycle bin. And, I like its “Zero Knowledge” privacy environment which is the most secure sync solution I could find so far. In addition, it works on all major operation systems available on the market. Regarding to deleted files, they can be removed from the recycle bin easily on the “VIEW” tab in SpiderOak.

  2. ZA Avatar

    SpiderOak is great for backup but has many issues syncing. You can have a look at their forum and see what I’m talking about.
    Too dangerous for sync if your intention is syncing try another solution for the moment (I hope some day they fix it).

    1. John Tucker Avatar

      Interesting, can you give us some details? I have not had any problems using it to sync data between a couple computers. Actually use it more than Dropbox these days since it is more secure.

  3. Nan Avatar

    You need to update the Con list by removing the “No scheduling.” I’m on version 4.2.9913 and scheduling for everyday at a specific time is fully supported.
    Concerning the Con of “email support only”, whenever I’ve had a question or problem with a backup, I’ve gotten a response within a day. I’ve even gotten replies on weekends which is pretty rare for email or forum support.
    The product runs flawlessly for a home setup. I’d recommend the product to anyone. Been a customer for over a year.

    1. John Tucker Avatar

      You are correct, thanks for pointing that out. I have updated it as a Pro now. With so many services it is hard to keep up. :)

  4. ONdiZ Avatar

    I’m loving SpiderOak for security reason…

  5. Daniel Larsson Avatar

    Hello, Daniel Larsson of SpiderOak Inc here.

    I just wanted to add that the latest version of SpiderOak, 3.0 has Bandwidth throttling! We, also offer Online Secure Smart Sync so you can keep all your devices updated, Merge and much more!

    Check it out with 2GB FREE for Life.

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