Backblaze Version 2.0 Released

Backblaze just announced that version two of their backup software has been released. This release is mostly a release to improve performance of their client software but it offers some significant improvements with their service. While Backblaze offered unlimited storage they did have limits on file size (of 9GB) and what types of files would be backed up. This is no longer the case. Backblaze not only offers unlimited storage but also unlimited file size and file types!

The complete list of Backblaze improvements in this new release include:

  • Unlimited file size (up from 9 GB)
  • Backup any file type
  • Restore to 1TB external drive (up from 500 GB)
  • Added Automatic Throttle to maximize the efficiency of uploading of your connection
  • Backup VMware and Virtual Machines
  • Backup ISO filetypes
  • Real-time bandwidth speed test
  • Web downloads are unlimited as always. FedEx restore hard drives now available up to 1TB.
  • Silent mode
  • Reduced RAM usage
  • Don’t backup on battery mode
  • 2x faster restore browsing
  • Quick access restore menu
  • Speedier external drive detection
  • External USB and Firewire drives appear almost instantly in the restore view.
  • Improved large file backup
  • SSL hardware acceleration
  • Customize temporary data location

If I missed something let me know in the comments. I will be upgrading my Backblaze install and testing the new version as soon as possible. I will also be updating the Backblaze review as soon as I can to reflect the new changes to the service.

The easiest online backup service just got easier and better!

Want to know more about Backblaze? Read our complete Backblaze review for more information.

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