Backblaze is Committed to Unlimited Backup

Backblaze has certainly seen a boost in traffic and subscribers during the last week since Mozy announced their pricing change. With Mozy dropping their unlimited plan option Backblaze has posted a blog post to make it clear that they are committed to remaining an unlimited backup service. This will no doubt help them to gain more subscribers away from Mozy as people are unhappy about the new price plans and the extra costs that would be associated with continuing with the Mozy accounts.


Read more about the Backblaze post on the Backblaze blog.

We recently named Backblaze our number one online backup service, partly because of the fact that they continue to offer an unlimited option. Add to that support for external hard drives and the ability to get a DVD or USB drive restore and Backblaze easily pulls ahead of the competition for a simple easy to use backup service.

This exclusive Backblaze offer code is only valid from February 1 to February 28 and will be removed from the site at that time.

Want to know more about Backblaze? Read our complete Backblaze review for more information.

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