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Backblaze Launches B2 Cloud Storage

There is cloud storage and then there is “cloud storage”. What is the difference, well one is the consumer style cloud storage service like Dropbox or Box then there is the “cloud storage” that is often what powers those services, like Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure. Today Backblaze has stepped up to not only beContinue Reading

Backblaze Offers Two Factor Authentication

Backblaze gets requests for two-factor authentication pretty regularly. You can see tweets like the one I embeded below fairly regularly. Today I heard that Backblaze has now officially launched two-factor authentication, although they call it two-factor verification, users of Backblaze can now protect their accounts from unauthorized access over the Internet by turning on two-factorContinue Reading

CrashPlan vs. Backblaze

CrashPlan vs. Backblaze

It has been a while since I took a look at CrashPlan and Backblaze in a head to head test so I thought while I had some time here in the cold of winter I would do something I have never done with two services before. I signed up for the trials of both CrashPlanContinue Reading

Backblaze 2014 Black Friday Offer

It is here, the Cloud Storage Buzz Backblaze Black Friday Offer! This is your chance to save 40% on a year of Backblaze unlimited online backup.   Here are some of the details you need to know. These prepaid codes are unique and can only be used once. They can only be used for NEWContinue Reading

Backblaze 2014 Black Friday Deal Coming Soon!

I emailed Backblaze last week to see if they had any specials or offers they were planning on running for Black Friday to Cyber Monday this year. In the past Backblaze has had some great offers for Black Friday / Cyber Monday but they told me they had nothing planned for this coming holiday weekend.Continue Reading

Backblaze Releases Android App

Well it took awhile but Backblaze finally delivered an Android app to access your backup. The app is very similar to the iOS app and allows users to browse files in their backup, download files and share files right from your Android smartphone or tablet.   While I am glad Backblaze has finally released anContinue Reading

The High Cost of IRS Hard Drive Failure

Backblaze published a blog post today poking fun at the IRS, and while the post is interesting it has a couple major flaws. Now I will point out I am a Backblaze affiliate, I use Backblaze to backup my personal data and I really like the people that work at Backblaze so I hope theyContinue Reading

SMB Cloud Backup Price Comparison

If you run a small or medium sized business you really don’t have a lot of time to be sitting around comparing all of the cloud backup options available to you. You have work to do, whatever that work is, and you just want to know how much it is going to cost to keepContinue Reading

Backblaze 50% Off at StackSocial

I had not heard of StackSocial until I started to see the links pop up on Twitter but if you want to save 50% on Backblaze they have a great deal!   Click Here to Save 50% on Backblaze This deal is similar to the one I have seen run by AppSumo in the past.Continue Reading

Is the Future of Cloud Backup in Business?

I recently got an email from Carbonite and in the email they stated that “Our SMB business grew 70% last year ‚Äì it is our future.” and that email made me wonder if small and medium sized businesses are the future of cloud backup. Certainly Mozy seems to think so as I talked about inContinue Reading