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Free Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is different than cloud backup but cloud storage has in many ways surpassed backup. More and more we are simply storing information in the cloud and accessing the information we need where ever we are. The incredible growth of mobile has accelerated this growth of cloud storage as we want access to our files on the go without having to copy them all to our mobile devices. If you just need some storage you can find any number of services that offer free space that can help you stay connected to your information anywhere.

Below are all of the free cloud storage services I could find along with how much free storage space they give you and if they have a referral plan to earn more free storage space. Depending on what your needs are will depend on what service you are interested in using. There are certainly lots of options.

Service Free Space Referral Program
4sync 15GB No
ADrive 50GB No
Amazon Cloud Drive 5GB No
ASUS WebStorage 2GB Yes
Bitcasa 10GB Yes
Box 5GB Yes
Copy 15GB Yes 10GB Yes
Dropbox 2GB Yes
Dump Truck 5GB Yes
ElephantDrive 2GB No
HiDrive 5GB Yes
Google Drive 5GB No
IDrive 5GB No
MediaFire 10GB No
MiMedia 7GB Yes
Minus 10GB Yes
Mozy 2GB Yes
Nakido Unlimited? No
OneDrive 7GB No
OpenDrive 2GB No
pCloud 10GB Yes 100GB Yes
SpiderOak 2GB Yes
SurDoc 100GB Yes 5GB Yes
Syncplicity 2GB No
Tresorit 5GB No
Wuala 5GB Yes
YouSendIt 2GB No

If I missed your favorite service or got some of the information wrong let me know and I will do my best to get the information include or corrected as soon as possible.

20 Responses to Free Cloud Storage

  1. arjun says:

    Guess the table is dated

    Mediafire provides only 10 GB free Space
    Rapidshare Doesnt offer any free space at all

  2. cyae says:

    What about hubiC? They offer 25GB free

  3. Michael Yeang says:

    Comment noted. I can’t read Mandarin either. Needless to say, I didn’t read their terms. The ability to sync folders is also overrated (by myself). In my experience,when files are copied to their server, the dates are changed to the current dates and when folders are set to sync, these files are copied back to my hard disk, overwriting the old files so that all files have the current date. Not an ideal situation.

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