Is the Future of Cloud Backup in Business?

I recently got an email from Carbonite and in the email they stated that “Our SMB business grew 70% last year ‚Äì it is our future.” and that email made me wonder if small and medium sized businesses are the future of cloud backup. Certainly Mozy seems to think so as I talked about in the post the Rise and Fall of Mozy. Mozy thinks business backup is the future of cloud backup so much that they have essentially exited the consumer backup market.


It makes you wonder though, Backblaze, who does a survey every year asking if people backup their computers and how often, in 2013 found that 71.17% of people backed up their computers. That was basically no change from 2012 where 71.21% of people backed up. 71.17% sounds like a lot of people are backing up but if you look closer there is only 36% that backup monthly or more. That still leaves 64% of people that only backup once a year or less. If these numbers are anywhere close to being accurate that is still a large market of people, not businesses, that are not backing up regularly.
2013 Backblaze Harris Backup Poll

Compare that with the latest Carbonite SMB survey details that were released on May 14th, 2014 where

a third of respondents (32 percent) said they had completed a backup that day. Nearly half of all respondents had backed up all of their business’ documents and files within the past week, and 15 percent said their most recent backup is up to a month old.

Roughly that means that 97% of businesses had a backup that was less than a month old compared to the 36% of people that only had a backup less than a month old.

I am not a stats wizard but would you rather be selling to the 64% of people that do not backup regularly or the 3% of businesses that don’t backup regularly? Why the shift in focus of cloud backup companies from consumer cloud backup to business backup?



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