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MyOtherDrive Review

MyOtherDrive at a Glance

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  • Free: $Free (does not include automated backup).
  • Pro 100: $4.99/month.
  • Pro 500: $9.99/month.
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  • Nothing to download, everything is managed via web browser from inside your account’s control panel.
  • Share Photo Albums, Proofs, and Portfolios.
  • Collaborate with teams – copy folders and files between accounts.
  • Use Browser or Desktop client, on PC or Mac.
  • Client is Java based.


  • Direct linking to your files requires a Pro 25 or greater account.
  • Bullet Proof Links service does not work if you have deleted the file off your storage account.

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Full MyOtherDrive Review

Backing up and sharing files is very easy when you try MyOtherDrive online backup private file sharing and linking service. It is exact privacy that helps you to keep your information safe and sound so if you need to share or exchange sensitive information with family, friends or colleagues, this is a good alternative to create a collaborative but selected environment for sharing.

Backup your files on a regular basis prevent data loss in case of disaster, whether a sudden fire occurs, or simply a cup of coffee is accidentally spilled over your computer. In addition, an online backup facility like MyOtherDrive is a great aid when you have just purchased a new computer and you need to transfer your files from your old machine to the new one.

MyOtherDrive, however, also helps you to create photo albums, music collections, and videos or share a direct link to your images and files on your account from popular websites such as MySpace, eBay, Facebook Friendster, Crush Spot, and Blog Drive among other social networks.

Moreover, if you share with your friends a link pointing to a file in your MyOtherDrive account that suddenly you need to move to another folder or rename it, the backup service will trigger a Bullet Proof service that will provide your friends with the correct new link to that file as long as it remains on the company’s service.

Start backing up and sharing with MyOtherDrive is as easy as signing up for a free account that entitles you to 2GB of online storage space at no cost. Once you get into your account, select the folders that you want to backup and get ready to share them with your friends whenever you want, although be aware there is a 10 GB bandwidth limit per month on free accounts.

If you need more storage space, bandwidth, or take advantage of direct linking, there are four different paid plans all of which come with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited parallel downloads, while the free plan only allows one. Free and paid accounts allow public and private sharing.

Pro 100 allows 100 GB and includes backup encryption the same that Pro 500 (500 GB) for $4.99 and $9.99 a month respectively. MyOtherDrive also manages Business and Government plans with 1+ Terabytes at different yearly prices.

Despite MyOtherDrive has an enhanced interface for private photo sharing, the service is not limited to images or multimedia, so you can upload any type of files including .exe, .zip and other any other archive types or extensions since files are downloaded instead of executed on the server. This is useful especially when you share publicly a download link

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2 Responses to MyOtherDrive Review

  1. Jim says:

    I was using Mozy and was unhappy with the fact that I had to have a paid subscription for each of my computers. A friend told me about MyOtherDrive for online backup. It turns out, with MyOtherDrive I can backup all of my computers with one subscription. This saves me $15 per month. What was unexpected but great, is all the file sharing capabilities that they have. I can share files publicly or privately. Great service!

    • John says:

      That is an issue with Mozy, if you have more than one computer to backup it does cost more. Thanks for your input on MyOtherDrive. Nice to hear from someone using it.

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