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JustCloud Offers Linux Version

jdibackup-70offJustCloud, probably the most well known of the JDI Backup brands, announced on their blog in January that they now support Linux. Since the software is all the same for all of the brands they all should now support Linux even though they might not have made any official announcement on that particular site.

I took the new JustCloud Linux software for a test back and January on a nice clean install of LinuxMint in VirtualBox and did a screen record of the installation, an initial backup and test restore. Since the demo of JustCloud only gives you 15MB (Yes Megabyte, not Gigabyte) the initial backup and restore go pretty quick since most people.


Overall the Linux version of JustCloud works pretty much the same as the Windows version as far as I can tell. I was able to do a small backup and restore of those files. Since the trial of JustCloud is so small it is hard to know if it is really a good system or not. Clearly the service has some issues with up selling. You need to pay extra for hourly backup, larger file sizes and defaults to using HTTP instead of HTTPS for security while sending your files.

I could go on about the number of bad user reviews of the JDI Backup brands and I would suggest readers looking at signing up for JustCloud read the MyPCBackup review comments here and the number of other comments about the JDI Backup brands.

Also you can expect to get regular emails from JustCloud from the moment you sign up for the trial. Since I signed up for this latest trial I have gotten 14 emails since January 9, 2013. Once your trial expires you will start to get emails offering you a 70% discount. If you do want to save on JustCloud sign up for the trial and wait for the large discount email.

Want to know more about JustCloud, read the MyPCBackup review for more details they are the same company? Read our complete MyPCBackup Review for more information.

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