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JustCloud Potentially Unwanted Program from SourcForge

JustCloud Potentially Unwanted Program from SourcForge

I have noticed an increase in comments on the site about JustCloud, often from people that have been saying JustCloud or MyPCBackup has infected their computer and they keep getting annoying pop ups from the software. I had not personally seen JustCloud installing in a malware manner until recently.   I recently went to downloadContinue Reading

A ZipCloud User Review

This post was actually a comment by a former ZipCloud user named Jason on the The JDI Backup Family post but I asked him if I could repost it here as a post. While I have read other stories similar to this one from other JDI Backup users this is just an example of howContinue Reading

JustCloud Offers Linux Version

JustCloud, probably the most well known of the JDI Backup brands, announced on their blog in January that they now support Linux. Since the software is all the same for all of the brands they all should now support Linux even though they might not have made any official announcement on that particular site. IContinue Reading

The JDI Backup Family – MyPCBackup, JustCloud, ZipCloud and Backup Genie

I was looking through the statistics here for Cloud Storage Buzz and noticed a lot of people are landing here on the site looking for the answer to one similar question, are the online backup companies MyPCBackup, JustCloud, ZipCloud and Backup Genie the same. The short answer is YES. MyPCBackup, JustCloud, ZipCloud and Backup GenieContinue Reading

MyPCBackup and Just Cloud CNET Reviews

MyPCBackup and Just Cloud CNET Reviews

Back in 2009 Carbonite was caught by the New York Times planting glowing reviews on Amazon. Online backup was not near as competitive in 2009 as it is now, so it is not surprising that companies push the envelope of what some might seem appropriate, but back when Carbonite got caught doing it on AmazonContinue Reading

Hostgator Recommends JustCloud

Online Backup Deals was previously hosted at Hostgator, and while I had no significant problems with them I decided to move to Media Temple to see if the speed of the website could be improved.  Since the site was originally hosted on Hostgator I have been signed up for their email newsletter. They sent theContinue Reading

MyPCBackup, Just Cloud, Zip Cloud and Backup Genie

MyPCBackup, Just Cloud, Zip Cloud and Backup Genie

Why some companies do what they do never ceases to amaze me. The online backup space is pretty crowded as it is but not enough for JDI Backup apparently. They recently just launched another brand along side their already existing brands of MyPCBackup, Just Cloud and Zip Cloud called Backup Genie. I will give themContinue Reading

MyPCBackup Releases New Features

I recently got an email from MyPCBackup letting me know about a whole new set of features that have been or will be released from them shortly. From the email here is the list:   New version of both Mac and Windows software Faster Uploads (Up to 15 times faster) Faster Downloads (Up to 10Continue Reading

MyPCBackup Pricing

One of the most searched for questions I have been seeing about MyPCBackup, JustCloud and ZipCloud is simply what the cost of subscribing is. I am not sure why Just Develop It, the developer of those three brands, has decided to make the pricing of their service so difficult to find, but they have.  Continue Reading

MyPCBackup New Version Released

MyPCBackup continues to improve and make changes to their service. They have recently released the latest version of their software with several new improvements.   Drag and Drop Technology Schedule Backups Idle Backups Folder Sharing Support for Mac Speed Improvements At some point they also switched over their storage from their own data center toContinue Reading